St. Louis Endocrinologist - recommendations needed

I'm looking for a new endocrinologist in the St. Louis, Mo, region. Would appreciate any recommendations! I've been very frustrated with my current endo -- she never has any suggestions and is totally unresponsive to questions and concerns. Thanks for help from anyone in this locale! :)

Sorry, I can't give you a referral since I don't live in the area. I've had my frustrations with my endos in the past. I finally just lowered my expectations and look to myself more for day to day blood sugar control. I've learned a lot from this community.

I went through a period of a few years when my blood sugar was out of control and I was looking to my doctors for a solution. I went through three endos in five years when I finally came to the conclusion that, for blood glucose control tactics, I needed to develop that expertise for myself. When you think about it, we live with this disease 24/7/365. Doctors don't have that level of experience.

They're pretty good at writing prescriptions and interpreting lab results but I never found one to untangle a blood glucose management mess!

I hope you find what you're looking for. I'm happy with the endo I have now but I don't expect as much of her as I did my former endos. I know there are great endos out there as I've read very good reports from other patients.

Have you considered the Washington University Diabetes Center? You may find a good selection of endos there. Good luck with your search.

I go to Dr. Michael Berk at Washington University Center for Advanced Medicine. He's very brief, but I do think he answers my questions quite well and explains things pretty well and usually gets to the point. Only draw back being he's not the easiest to contact if you need help on the weekend or after hours, then you have to use the exchange, which costs money, but as far as I know this applies to all physicians at the CAM as I have other doctors there as well for my bile duct issues and it's hard to contact them after hours unless you leave a call earlier in the day as a message sometimes they'll get back to you after hours. This is how it is with Dr. Berk and my biliary specialist. He's a type 1 adult himself , and was diagnosed at the same age as me, so we have something in common and he has been helpful on that. He only asked me for logs when I first started going there , like the first few visits, and pretty much only asks me to bring them if I'm having a frequent problem with my blood sugar so we could work them out. He often does relay some smaller concerns to the CDE he works with, but I don't mind that. I've heard complaints about his office staff but they're nice to me. The cde that works with him (Sue Nash) is also really nice, she doesn't have diabetes herself, but she's very on the ball about it and I think she's been a cde for close to if not over 30 years and her advice has been very good. I've also heard great things about Dr. Janet Mcgill in the diabetes center at Washington University's center for advanced medicine, I was going to go to her, but the diabetes center has a long wait time and I needed help immediately as I was 100% sure I was misdiagnosed as type 2 despite being a type 1 and needed quick treatment and I got kinda lucky to get an endo with personal experience as a type 1 adult.

Can't give any endo recommendations in the area but if your looking for help with control and endo does not help have you considered using Integrated Diabetes Services? It's Gary Scheiner' s aka Think Like a Pancreas CDE group. They do remote management by phone or Skype and have several levels/packages available. Check out there site if you can not find what you need locally.

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Iā€™m frustrated with my current endo in St. Louis as well. Did you end up switching? Anybody you can recommend (or discourage)? Thanks so much!