☆know me better☆

Hi, so I joined Tudiabetes last Saturday .finally after setting up my page I think its about time I start my 1st blog, to kick it off Ill start with introducing myself, so here r some facts about me♫.

1-My name is Aisha Alfalasi.

2-I was born on 1st of june (makes me a summer person ^^).

3-I was diagnosed with diabets on christmas.

4-I love reading manga (aka Japanese comics).

5-I love listening to korean music.

6-My ultimate goal is to travel to japan one day.

7-I study in a technology school (very stressful)

8-my brain is 95% creativity.

9-I have 5 siblings.

10-I am a coffee person.

11-I’m currently on insulin pens (humalin and levimer)

12-I panic easily.

13-love drawing a lot especially manga.

14-baking is my thing.

15-I love pugs and unicorns.

16- indoor person don’t like walking outside much.

17-love eating dark chocolate (70% is my fave).

18-I don’t like taking pictures of myself.

19- anime is life CX.

20-I give free hugs C:.

We are glad to have you join us. Welcome, I hope you find a good home for your blogs…rick

We are so happy that you have joined us! Welcome to our family! Lookibg forward to reading your future blogs!

Welcome to this lovely place we call family

Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you. You've found a wonderful community here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. :D

It's nice to find out all the interesting things about you. I especially like that you like pugs and unicorns. I hope to read some more on your blog when ever you're ready or get the chance. It helps me so much to hear how other people are doing and their thoughts.