Know what sucks?

When it feels like you're BG is dropping so fast that you feel like you need to pop a glucose tab while you're trying to check your BG and then you find out you feel this way because your BG is actually shooting UP like a rocket. My I:C is completely out of whack due to a virus and hormones and I shot 4U at lunch for the number of carbs that would normally take less than 3U. I was paranoid that I'd overdone. Not so. Oh my goodness, just keep learning these lessons.

I've had that a few times. Felt weak and shaky, thinking I was low, then when I test I was high sky. God knows how many times I treated a false low back in the days were I didn't test often. If I could figure out a way to deal with hormones I'd sell the house. My hormones wreck havoc on my bgs. Sorry you have a virus. As long as you test you will be fine. I dunno how I'm still alive with the way I just ignored things. I know its annoying testing and bgs up and down like yo yo's at times, but at least you know what's happening.

Another amazing thing is how much worse you feel after you see the meter reading...

Boo. Hope you feel better soon. I hate viruses. Not overly fond of hormones either. Other than insulin, of course :)

I do retests on the meter and always want to punch it when it's the same as the first time.