Would you sometimes say YES to a cookie?

:) I love sweets, chocolate, anything like this.
I let myself have a taste of anything I really want, as long as it's tiny bit and then compensate with 1-2 Units insulin. For example sometimes I would have a bite from so else's piece of cake, 1-2 biscuits or a small cookie.
I'm just curious whether others do this as well?
What's your policy on sugary foods? Total NO or more flexible?

I'm more flexible. If they are around, I'll eat a cookie and just bolus for it sometimes. Potato chips are more of my problem.

Policy? Rules? We don't got no stinkin rules. The rule is "You make the rules."

I actually decided that refined wheat was worse for me than raw table sugar. So I am actually more likely to use a little sugar than wheat in my cooking. If you want some chocolate and enjoy it then have some. Choose a dark chocolate to get all the good chocolate flavor with fewer carbs. Choose a modest taste and don't go overboard. And bolus for it. If you find you cannot control your eating, then you may need to not eat any at all, but these are your rules.

Personally, I don't have a sweet tooth, but I will have deserts on special occaisons, a modest serving and I just bolus for it. I also admit to sometimes deliberately "overbolusing" for dinner so I am low afterwards and am forced to treat myself, sometimes with a bowl of low carb ice cream.

I would say I don't eat sweats too often now because I am really trying to lose just a few more pounds but if I do have something I just adjust for it as needed. You have the same option as a normal person. Eat whatever you want and deal with the FAT it leaves behind. You just have the wonderful option of figuring out how much insulin to use in order to correct for it. And since that can very from sweet treat to sweet treat I would say it is not worth the trouble for most people. A cookie or small piece of cake on occasion is actually good for your mental health as long as you take care of the physical health also. As BSC said though if you have no self control then be kind of careful.

I read a book (among the many that I have read) that explains a simple "splurge" every once in a while can actually help keep you from going crazy in those few moments when you have the option presented. It is the "OFF LIMITS" affect. If you tell yourself it is off limits it is more of a mental craving in some cases. If you tell yourself it is OK on occasion with the correct exercise and insulin regimen it will not be a big deal.

Of course this is all relative to your objectives. As I said I am trying to lose a few pounds so yes it won't hurt my blood sugar to eat sweets if I bolus correctly it just ruins my attempt to get my weight down.

HAVE A COOKIE and an insulin chaser... lol

Cookies are a food group! Much like beer. Neither of these are regulars on my menu any more, but they are a great treat. I find most sweets to be disappointing after not partaking for so long that I am pretty picky about my treat. I don't want to waste it on something less than delicious.

I agree with the other posts; it has to fit in and in limited quantities. Most artificial sweeteners are a problem for me, one way or another so I usually stick with stevia or regular sugar. Although for chocolate I love the dark "Choco Perfection" bars. Great chocolate and no spike, no bolus. My other favorite is the samples in the bakery. The serving size is perfect.

I make my daughter baked goods using almond flour, stevia and a small amount of mini chocolate chips (when needed) and it doesn't spike her BGs. That way she can still have a chocolate chip cookie or a yummy muffin - she's 7, so I think it's important for her to not feel like she can't have goodies alongside her friends. I also add in flax seed & scoops of protein powder when I can. All of the Moms are now asking for my recipes bcause their kids actually like her "diabetic-friendly" treats :)

My problem is always figuring out how much insulin I'd need to bolus for the treat. It's not so much I think I can't have it, it's more that it's not worth the trouble of guessing and then chancing messing up my trend for the rest of the day.

I found recently something that does work for me, though, and allows me to feel like I've had a real treat. It's a Nature Valley "Protein Bar" with peanut butter, nuts, and dark chocolate. It's 14g total carb, 5g fiber, 10g protein. And it doesn't spike me so if I'm feeling the need, I try to go with something that I can predict the effect of. Sometimes I'll just eat half a bar just to get that something sweet.

I don't think any food is off limits. I don't have a sweet tooth, so I avoid chocolate, donuts, candy and cake. My weakness is for salty/fatty foods like potato chips and pretzels. I incorporate them into my meal plan.

Sometimes I eat some sweets. I just can’t help it :frowning:
At least the bite of sweet gives me relief!

I love chocolate, especially dark choc. A small piece of Ghiaridelli's will satisfy my sweet tooth. I am not tempted at all by cake ( especially the real gooey kind or with butter cream icing) or most cookies. Occasionally I will eat a small piece of a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie. Like bsc says we make the rules for what we eat.

I would embrace a cookie in an instant, but only one! I don't eat sweets regularly, but if I want one, I'll eat it. If you really look at the carbs,some cookies are actaullly very low. Check that out, and I agree that "we don't need no stinkin' rules!"

My problem with sweets is that it’s hard to “just have one.”. So lately I’ve been low-carbing and avoiding most of the horrible spikes that result from a mismatching of carbs and insulin. When I open the door just a bit to sweets, chips, etc, the carb monsters roar through. Total avoidance is easier for me than portion control. But believe me, I’ve had my share of tons of carby foods in the last 35 years.

YES if it is home baked! Flexible is my motto :)

I won't pig out on sweats.. but if I'm at a party i'll get myself "The sampler": one medium cookie, one small piece of cake, and a handful of chips. it usually totals about 50 carbs and I can cover it easily

BUT if someone asks "Can you eat that?" I take it as a challenge and eat even more :D

I am a tpe II; taking meds Once in awhile, yes I will indulge with one of something that normally isn't in my plan. But I will compensate for it by not having as many carbs that day, counting the snack or treat as a carb or exercising more. I have to do that or feel so much pressure in not feeling normal, I'd give up for sure

Two words: Heck Yeah! Lol, cookies are my favorite; though I don't eat them as often as I would under different circumstances d-free of course.

YES!!! In moderation I eat sweets!

No. When I neeeeed chocolate, I eat a square of unsweetened baking chocolate. Sugar abstinence is no hardship for me, it's harder on my friends and relatives because I used to bake fabulous desserts for them. I have nothing against flexibility, abstinence is just easier.

Thank you all for your replies :) It feels good to know that many of you have a similar approach. I understand those who mentioned they "loose control" once they've tried a bit of sweets, as I was the same. I think in my case the strict rules I was trying to impose on myself (absolute NO) lead to lots of anxiety around sweets. Since I moved on to a more liberal approach, where I feel free to at least taste everything, it feels much better. I have to admit that I also have days when I eat more sweets than usual and have spikes, but these occasions are very rare. I truly enjoy them and truly not enjoy them when the spikes come around, so they tend to get less and less in my life.

When do I ever say no? I admit that chocolate is my weakness. But I at least try to balance that out with other factors.other than bolusing, there’s going for a walk or cutting down my portion of the main meal to compensate for the overall intake when I know I’ve had one too many a cookie.of course, I don’t always think about it. If i wanted to eat my whole steak, I do. And go ahead and have the biggest piece of that chocolate brownie. Knowing that I don’t have time to go for a walk. Relying completely on a dual wave bolus. That’s what I love about pumping. And it works. So no. I never deny myself something when I know I deserved it.