KT tape overpatches

Recently US Med has included KT patches for Dexcom with my orders. I have not used these. I currently use Dexcom over patches which are wonderful. I cannot imagine these KT Patches working very well. Does anyone have any experience?

I have to replace the Dexcom overpatches after showers and heayy exercise; sweat and moisture the enters through the cutout get trapped and make them peel loose. SkinTac only slightly reduces that. One advantage is they are nearly invisible.

Fabric kinesthesiology tape aka “KT Tape” has been around a long time.

I use KT tape over my infusion cannulas, with a small piece of the backing to prevent sticking to the detach. It’s much more rugged than the thin film off the Dexcom overpatch. The adhesive is much tackier.

The “extreme” version holds up even better under heavy exercise, shower and short immersion conditions. The downside is it looks like a huge ugly bandage and gets dirtier day by day,

So there’s an industry making patterned, decorative KT Tape overpatches . Most of these are cut to more closely hug the sides of the sensor than the Dexcom “official” overpatches.

I use the Dexcom because they are free, and easy for me to remove and replace - except when I have to do heavy labor. Then I use KT Tape for extra protection.

Thanks for the info. I have a lot of KT tape in my house for the typical purposes, but I don’t see any use for it with my Dexcom. I will hang onto it for now.

I use Tegaderm (leftover from before switching Medtronics Guardian sensor to G6) to seal around the “cut out”. I’ll only use Not Just a Patch after last of the patches with the “cut out” are used up.

Have you tried Dexcom over patches? They are superior to anything else I tried. Dexcom will send 10 at a time, no charge.

My diabetes supplies, including Dexcom sensors, come direct from the local Veterans Administration medical center. So Dexcom will not send their over patches. I prefer the Not Just a Patch over patches. Not having the cutout keeps water out without any additional taping. Skin Tac solved my problem with the edges rolling up.

Sounds good.

I pretty much exclusively use kinesiology tape overpatches, since I can’t get Dexcom to ship me the free ones and I’m too cheap to buy them. It works really well.

I got a roll from the grocery store several years ago and it’s still going strong. I just cut my own overpatches out of the tape. I’ve got a 3d printed template now that helps, but at first I was just tracing the transmitter housing that I ripped off an old sensor. My tape came in long pre-cut strips, but I can get 3 overpatches cut from 1 strip


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Good idea.