Kudo's to Omnipod and their support team

I have to share my recent experience wit Omnipod CUstomer Support in Canada, it’s worth sharing.

We planned a 2,046 km (one way) road trip to my daughters graduation in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. We were to leve Friday morning at 3:00am. Thursday night at around 7:00pm while packing my nox of pods, I realized that the full box of pods I had were the old ones, not wht I’ve been using the past 6 months. After kicking my butt for not realizing this sooner, I called the Canadian Support Line and spoke to a wonderful rep.

I expained my situation, and that I had one pod left for my one week trip, that I was knowhere near my home after 3am friday, and I asked if there was anytihing she could do to help me. She said they might be able to ship them overnight to Nova Scotia, but would check and call me back.

She did, and suggested she could have them there Friday evening (at my daughters house) and would call me on my cell the next day to arrange a delivery time. I received that call from her the next day on my cell phone (I was in the middle of nowhere) and she said they’d be there at 10:00pm friday.

My daughter called me at 9 with the good news, they made it.

I must say, I’ve had excellent service from Omnipod support in Canada, and have never dealt with a support team that were as professional and helpful as this experience. Although I could have gotten by with MDI, or re-programmed the old PDM and hoped for the best, the woman that helped me was exemplary. Thank you very much.

I’ve had great experiences, too, and never a bad experience. It really does make a difference.

awesome story, the Canadian Omnipod support team rocks. I have never had a bad experience with them either and they have a good sense of humour in a professional manner as well.
I like hearing positive stories. Thanks for sharing Rob

Wish I could say the same…this past Thanksgiving, we were in Ohio from Fl. I too a box of the OLD pods by mistake… I called Insulet with my problem. We were going to Pa next, and I was told they would advance a box to the next stop, the next day! NEVER HAPPENED!! It’s a good thing I had syringes with me!

your lucky. when I first started on the omnipod 4 years ago, I too had great experiences then they outsourced my pods to Byram (not bad but not great either) and then when they introduced the new smaller pods everything, in terms of customer service, went to hell. I wait on hold forever and then get a person that says they are solving the problem but the problem never seems to get resolved. Anyway, I hope they get these messages and effect some changes, I don't think it would take much.

It must have something to do with the Canadian team or that GSK is involved here. I deal directly with Omnipod Support for ordering my pods as well as any problems I have, and have not experienced any problem ever. I wish I had such great support from my cellular provider, TV, Internet, Bank, Doctor, benefits provider, oh, did I say BANK? (hate 'em) Sorry to hear about the U.S. woes.