OH Canada, I got my letter

so I got in the mail today that they have started to give out the new generation omnipod in Canada. Now we play the waiting game!

anyone else get the letter?

Yup, got my letter this morning. I have few complaints about the current version, so I’m not in a huge rush, but like the idea of something a little smaller on my arm when I cut corners too closely. Lets hope the glitches we’ve been hearing about on here have been ironed out for us north of the border.

Got my letter last week. I'm anxious to see the updates. I've been very fortunate and have been able to innovate with many of the challenges that have come up with my pod system. I've heard about some of the improvements and look forward to the new product.

got mine today, cant wait for the smaller pods.

got mine yesterday (Mon) I am in Ontario, how about everyone else? I hope the pods will be as good as the ones now, not to eager to change, would be nice to hear of some people that have not had any problems with the new ones. :-)

Got ours today

seems the amount of people with problems constantly has decreased, so fingers crossed!

I hope the glitches have been ironed out, I think I am just excited about the the pods being smaller.

Me too, on both your comments. I suppose since everyones body type and pod launch routines are different, (and I’m sure many other environmental differences too) theres lots of room for mixed results - some people have no problems while others have lots. I’m hopeful for very few… :slight_smile:

I got my letter and an email last week. When I ordered my latest batch of pods last week I was told that the next order shipping to me would be the new ones. So we are 17 pods away from the new ones is how I see it!

Does anyone know, how will it work if they want you to be trained on the new system? if they are telling you next shipment is going to be new pods, what if you can't get a date by then? I get mine each month. From what I read they don't want you to just switch even with the training from there site.


there is online setup and training on the site as of now. www.myomnipod.ca
In the training on the site the recommendation is:

If you are a current OmniPod® customer, take these settings from your
blue PDM. Follow the instructions in the GETTING YOUR SETTINGS
FOR YOUR NEXT-GENERATION PDM brochure to find and record the settings you need to use.

> If you are a new OmniPod® customer, you must complete the setup process with your healthcare provider, using settings from your Pump Therapy Order Form.

I would call now and schedule for training for 30-45 days. Some HCP's may recommend that current users wait to get training before launching next gen so they can verify your settings have been transferred identically and ensure you are confident with the transition. I personally have found OmniPod really user-friendly with clear instructions. I would imagine the new generation will follow that motto. I am extremely confident myself with changing settings and changeovers but that will be something each person might need to assess is their own confidence level with the system.

You can preview the next gen training brochures on the site for current users here.

Thanx Izza, I thought they were wanting training for everyone. LOL, not a bad idea but yes I agree settings are user friendly and I know my settings. I have already read the manual for the new one. LOL will check out the training thanks for summarizing it up for me.

Hope it was helpful, knowing your settings should make the changeover fluent. Being proactive and reading the manual ahead of time is definitely a plus.

I liked the comparison pdf online of the new and old generation of pods and PDM;it was clear and concise about the differences. The changes look very straight forward. I'm guessing the transition as far as changes in operation will be too. I'm really excited to see the new pods. It looks like they've added a second port. Wonder if it's for priming process and air bubble venting.

Have any of you Canadians recieved the new omnipod yet?

I will be recieving mine on Tuesday (01/21/2014).

Very excited.

Got an order last week. They owed 2 pods from failures but said they would hold off sending them and replace them with new style that will be sent out on my next order

they told me the same thing at the end of Decemeber.
I called in for a reorder today and they told me they are sending me the new system on tuesday.

oOtally awesome, thats really cool MEH. I re-stocked just before Christmas unfortunately. I called in with a POD failure during Christmas, and asked if they knew anything on shipping the new ones in Canada, and she said they were waiting until the Christmas mayhem was over, then they should start coming out. She did say that my next order would likely be the new ones. Other than the letter I got saying they were coming soon, I haven’t received any other correspondence from them.

Tuesday! Way cool, let us know how things go. I’m really hoping the ones we get here in Canada work well. I’m excited for you, lol.

They seem to be sending them out as people call in for re-orders, and like I said above I was told I would get the new system when I re-order in january, and thats exactly what happened. At the very least it seems the transition is going better then it did in the US.
I am very excited to start, and will let you know how it goes for sure. fingers crossed for all of us that the bugs have been worked out of the pods by now.

and thanks Rob! let me know when you get yours we can compare notes... canadian edition haha.

I get mine tomorrow. Woo hoo