Labs again

A1c down a smidgeon to 5.7% which is pretty much where it always is.

Highest HDL I ever saw-76 and nice low TGs. Total cholesterol is high as usual, but it always is, thanks to my genetic makeup.

I’m near the bottom of the normal range for Vitamin D so I’ll be raising the dose. No fear of overdosing!

The bad news is that I have had to stop taking metformin because it is doing horrible things to my stomach lining and nothing helps. But as soon as I stop the met, I gain weight. No matter what I eat. So I’m kind of steeling myself to deal with it. I don’t have much choice.

I’ve started taking a daily walk now that the snow and ice is FINALLY melting. I’ll try to walk 45 minutes to an hour every day. There’s a lovely little village near where I live full of little streets full of 19th century houses and odd paved paths up and down steep hills which makes for delightful walking.

Great A1C!

Sorry to hear the met is giving you so much trouble. Hopefully the walking will be enough to counteract the loss and prevent the weight gain.

Well, the real problem is that when I stop Met for some reason my caloric need drops to almost nothing. i was gaining eating 1400 calories a day at the time my doctor started me on it three years ago. When I started the met I could eat another 300 calories a day without gaining.

I stopped it last fall because of the stomach problem and promptly gained about 6 lbs within a month without changing what I was eating.

The odd thing is that it doesn’t make much change in my blood sugar or insulin use at all. I’m using only 1 or 2 more units a day than I was when I was taking it. But I am much hungrier. Metformin really turned off my interest in food. So even though I’m not eating a whole lot more, I’m thinking about food a whole lot more.

On the plus side, without Met in me I feel much more energetic. It was making me feel exhausted and clouding my mind. So I may just have to settle for being energetic, awake, and larger.

That is really strange. One more mystery for us I guess. But I’d trade a few pounds for more energy, myself.



I took a 45 minutes walk today through a part of the town next to ours that has wonderful 19th century mansions. All we have for bulbs is a few crocuses, but at least the snow is almost gone. Now I’m sore, though. It’s been a long winter and writing books doesn’t exercise more than my typing fingers.