Lab Results! Woo Hoo!

Hi guys! Just wanted to share my lab results that I received today. VERY happy with them, thank you!

A1C- was 8.3 NOW 6.5
Trigylcerides- was 750 (want less than 200) NOW- 216
Cholesterol is 190, with HDL of 43 and LDL of 104!

I was expecting an A1C of 7.8 or so, so this was a great surprise!!!

HOORAH!!! This is all great news!!!

Way to go!!! :slight_smile:

Fabulous! An amazing improvement & accomplisment! Congratulations.

That is totally amazing! Great job.


THANKS GUYS! This is the result I was waiting for. My endo said I could look at getting pregnant once my A1c was below 7. She wants it much lower during pregnancy but this was the result we were waiting for.

Wonderful news! Great job =)

What diet are you on? Your numbers look great.

Basically, I attribute it to the Metformin. I think I lost 18 lbs. because I’m not doing NEARLY as much insulin, and the side effects seem to “help” keep me in the bathroom rather than at the table. :slight_smile: Glass half full guys! I’m also allergic to Sulfa which is in Metformin. Most people don’t react to it, but I think I’m one of the lucky ones that does. The reaction isn’t bad enough to make me stop taking it since I have incredible control now. But it makes me kinda jazzed up so I have a hard time staying still for a few hours after I take it. Also a benefit if you want to look at it that way. It’s like getting your second wind!

What else… I’ve tried to eat 3 times a day and I’m still having days where I graze rather than eat actual meals, but my grazing is beef jerky (terrible in sodium, but low in carb). I’m taking fish oil and I’ve been eating red meat lately which I never did before. My meals basically consist of meat, salad or veggie and NO MORE THAN 1/3 cup of a starch like rice or dreamfields pasta. Portion sizes makes a HUGE difference. Sometimes I overeat, but I am packaging everything into servings when I get home from the grocery store so at least I’m AWARE that I’m eating too much. When I want a snack or something I have the Jello Dream Mousse cups… it’s got 9 carbs. In truth, I have a fair share of crappy things too like chips, but I think the difference is before, when my BG was high, I’d kinda ignore it for a while, and now I correct immediately.

As for exercise, I do squats when I’m drying my hair, and the hairdryer dries any sweat so it is two fold! That is basically it. I’m trying to add in more exercise because frankly, I NEED IT!

I actually got one of those home A1C tests, because I didn’t believe the one from my doctor was accurate! The home one said 6.6 so I’ll go with it. Heck of a lot better than 8.3. When I got the letter I was so shocked I started to cry!

That is terrific news!


Hard work usually pays off!
Keep it up!

Way to go!

I’m actually Type 2. I have been misdiagnosed for the last 3 or 4 years as Type 1. Partially my fault for not questioning my CDE/NP. If I had looked at my lab results I would have known a long time ago. I’m really a Type 2 with SEVERE insulin resistance. I was taking 400 units of Humalog a day and now I average 50-100 depending on what my levels are doing. Still a lot of insulin, but WAY better than the 400 units daily.

Actually, it would be in your best interest to argue that you are type 1 until proven “absolutely” otherwise. Type 1s can be insulin resistant for any number of reasons. You could have “double diabetes,” you could have metabolic conditions such as PCOS, you could have acquired insulin resistance from high blood sugars and insulin use, etc. There is over discrimination against type 2s. As a type 1 you can get a pump, you can get a CGMS all covered by insurance. Heed my words, and don’t “volunteer” to be a type 2.

ps. And trust me, no doctor will ever “prove” you a type 2.

That is fantastice news! I know that sometimes that Dr. appointment can be somewhat stressful because we don’t know what those numbers will be, we can only assume when we see our BGs, so congratulations! keep up the good work.