A Question About Cures

With all this talk of talented skin cells and medical researchers, it’s got me thinking about what a cure for diabetes will actually look like. With so many different versions of the disease and so many underlying factors, how will we even approach a cure?

Will a Type I cure differ from a Type 2? With the advent of insulin resistance-lowering drugs, has early-Type 2 been “cured” already, albeit in a not so user-friendly way? In the event that the skin cells do turn super cells and become a viable, beta cell replacement for Type 1’s such as myself, won’t our wonky immune systems simply battle those new guys as well?

Talk of a cure is certainly exciting. Ambiguous and filled with uncertainty, but exciting nonetheless! What do you think a cure will look like?

Interesting Subject—It is very difficult to really get my thoughts around this topic—I do have hope for many advances–but i dont really consider an actual cure being available to me in my lifetime—but think even if a ‘cure’ is found for one T1 it wont work for all…or even the same way for each person. Added on top of that, when this cure comes along…who will pay for it?

Good Subject Lizzie but I’m kinda with Mollie on this one WHO will pay for it? I really don’t think that alot of the diabetic suppliers will b/c it will cut into their money. Their making too much off us already! It will be just a wait and see situation! I also belive the “cure” will be different from Type 1 to TYpe 2’s.

Yeah, I heard about that stemcell thing in the news today.I really don’t think that the government wants to step up for a cure for diabetes.They would be losing alot of money with all the companies that help us manage this disease.On the other hand if diabetes were eradicated it would save thousands of dollars on the complications that arise from it.When I was first diagnosed 22 years ago they said that within 10 years there would be a cure.I’m still waiting.

Hey Dee They told me when I took it 35 years ago a cure would be found in 5 years then 8 years ago when my daughter took it her Dr told me there would be a cure in 5 years. Well all I can say is we’re still waiting for that cure!

Curing diabetes has been a tactful way of floating hope for every man, woman and child with the dubious distinction of elevated blood sugar.

A cure for diabetes would be like stopping global warming. How’s that going? Increasing global temperatures are causing sea level to rise, and increases the intensity of extreme weather. Other effects of global warming include glacier retreat, species extinctions and increases in the ranges of disease vectors. (Wikipedia) Included in these disease vector could possibly be diabetes.

The course of diabetes is no different. It is a natural phenomenon whereby our bodies try to adapt to the foods, environmental factors, lifestyle and foreign substances used to grow foods and protect crops we eat. Also vaccinations (MMR) and childhood diseases like chicken pox cause our bodies to keep a higher supply of energy (sugar) in our blood.

Unfortunately – timing is a little off when some of these factors hit our systems. The body tries to react by segregating the sugar to the blood stream ONLY. This is an effort to prevent damage to the cells of the body. But forcing sugar into places our bodies cannot safely handle it results in complications. Isn’t that the biggest fear of diabetes? Yes, the shots and the lack of decadent indulgence is a major inconvenience – but the bottom line is: I don’t want to lose my kidneys. I don’t want to have a heart attack or a stroke, I don’t want to be blind. I don’t want to lose my (put body part here). Fear factor is immeasurable!

People with Type 2 diabetes have the insulin to move the glucose – but secondary complications of too much insulin give rise to events like insulin resistance (a lot of C-peptide clogging the cells from taking anymore glucose onboard), or worse events like strokes and heart attacks.

People with Type 1 diabetes use insulin but every time glucose is lowered, out of the blood and into the cells, without C-peptide - damage is caused. The less the fluctuation in blood sugar – the less the extent of complications.

I’m sure the payoff for a cure would’ve been worth its weight in shareholder value for any company. But if you spend a lifetime chasing a shadow – maybe it’s just not possible to put your hands on it? Diabetes, like global warming, is a natural phenomenon insisting we protect ourselves from the resulting events…until somebody comes along and proves me wrong. If that’s the case – I’d invest every cent of discretionary income in that company!

Your probably right on that one! I have Type 1 and so does my daughter. I will admit that I really don’t know that much about Type 2 and a cure for it. As for the politians They have to have something to gripe about and now they have found diabetes to fuss about!

Well let me draw a deep breath here because what I have to say may sound like sacralege but I belive in my search
for the cure for type 1 that I have ran across the cures to both type 1+ 2 I am a 46 year old type 1 and have been for thirty years a year ago I ran across kevin Trudeau’s book “natural cures they dont want you to know about” where a
reference was made to a type 1 cure “diamaxol” which has to be taken for 12 to 18 months. I have been taking for
12 months and have lowered my tdd by 40% but have not elimanated the need for insulin. I also recentally ran across
this web site www.healingmatters.com which gives a reason+protacol for cures for both types and a recording where
Thomas smith is talking about this. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-827485955485972672&q=TYPE+1+DIABETES+site%3Avideo.google.com+duration%3Along&total=21&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=6 also a patent which gives the exact mixture amounts for a homopathic remedy. patent number: 5,886,029 does anyone know of any other cures for type1?

Sorry I think I did not give complete google site address please try this

IMO the cure is beyond our imagination, just as it is to the imagination of the researchers actually working on this… not to be a wet blanket - but I didn’t believe the doctors when they told me in 1977 that a T1DM cure was just around the corner… some friggen corner! 10 years ago no one thought that cervical cancer is caused by the HP virus… maybe it’ll be a vaccine that stops future cases of diabetes…

new technology comes out every day. iRNA research is going to change the face of medicine (hopefully). the new stuff that engineered yeast cells provide, make drug manufacturing faster and cheaper. hells yes I wish it was going to be tomorrow, but I went into engineering and I work every day to support research and manufacturing because I just can’t see myself sitting around and bitching that ‘somebody’ should do ‘something’ about it… I am sorry for my foul mood :frowning:

With all due respect, the product that you refer to in your first post (Diamaxol) has a terrible reputation as an outright scam:

In addition to the comments from patients in the above link, the company that manufactures is has been warned in the past by the FDA:
for their unwarranted claims.

As a result, we altogether have banned the Google Ads for it on TuDiabetes.com.

Not sure what you mean by tdd (reduced by 40%), but assuming you mean blood sugars, are you sure that the reduction is attributable to the product and not to other elements such as a change in your diet or an increase in physical activity?

Thank you for the response and I am not trying to promote anything that I myself have not tried. The reference to
tdd was (total daily dose) of insulin. My diet over the last year has taken a turn for the worst due to not being able to afford better food I am not trying for any sympathy here but I live in Michigan and my income has dropped by
25% for this year thus making me make choices between car,housing,food and meds the food got the short stick.
I looked at the site posted and while I found it difficult to truly judge which side of the fence they are on I know from the experiance of going off of diamaxol that over the course of the two months without that my tdd increased
by 30% or close to that amount. As for a greater amount of exercise I would have to say that the just the reverse is true I normally mountain bike at least two to three days a week and last year it was one at the most. From my experiances of trying to tell others in sites like this I am prepared to be banned and flamed or worse. I was just trying to see if anyone else knew of anything else that might be a possible cure. Thanks Rich

Thanks for that input Manny almost word for word what was told to me. Maybe diet and exersise have something to do with it but my DR said that was not going to work for me!

Hello there

If you follow the links of the very site you mention, you’ll go to this website

where there are some very positive reports about Diamaxol. Who to believe?
I’m taking a chance on it; I’ve been taking it for two weeks, and although my blood sugar levels have only dropped by 15%, I am feeling a lot more energetic, and I’m hoping for further improvements. And before you ask, no, I haven’t changed my level of exercise or my diet.

I agree with your foul mood Joe. And actually, after 24 years of dealing with this flippin disease, if and when there is a cure we have to ask ourselves this question. Will the benefits outweigh the burden of anti-rejection meds, avoiding friends and family that might have colds, taking pills instead of wearing a pump to prevent infection, etc. I’ve become quite comfortable with my healthy way of life and I’ll be damned if this disease kills me. If a cure comes along and I have to change my lifestyle yet again…I’ll pass.

I have to agree with Joe and Curlzzz2002. When I was 4 years old, the cure was 10 years away; when I was 14, the cure was 10 years away; when I was 24… well, you see where this is going. I’m not living my life the way that I am in hope that there is a cure right around the corner, I’m living like I am to keep on living it.

I do hope to see a cure in my lifetime, but I believe, like Joe said, that the cure will be like an inoculation a child gets so they will never get the disease in the first place. My brother and I have participated in many, many genetic research studies (my bother has type 1 too) and I really hope that I could live to know that no one else would get this disease again. That would make it all worth it for me.

I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade Lizzie, but when you get told something for almost 40 years and it remains “10 years away” you realize that today is the most important day of your life. If hope for a cure keeps people testing, exercising, and controlling their blood sugars, then keep hope alive… but for those of us that have had the “cure date” pulled away from us too often, surviving is almost more important than the cure… whatever form it may take.


I was diagnosed 5 years ago and I have not heard much about anyone being excited about a cure (except fund raising literature.) I am as excited as anyone to hear about mice islet cells regenerating but I’ve not had a professional tell me to be optomistic. The focus seems to be on emerging technology to help deal with it and delay complications. (Someone will make lots of $$$ on that!) I agree with whoever said that a cure won’t be developed in my lifetime or at least for me. There may be some head way in keeping those prone to developing both T1 and T2 and what ever other variations from falling victim. I only dare hope for the technology that can mimic a healthy pancreas.