I wondered if other people had some stable days with this in its late stages of pre diabetes please

Not sure whatvyou mean by pre diabetes as it relates to LADA. Pre diabetes relates to Type 2. LADA is Type 1. Do you mean before having to rely on insulin? I was initial misdiagnosed as a type 2 then watched my bg increase pretty rapidly and pretty steadily over the next months until I was hitting 500+. I could have never regained control without insulin. I really had no good days once that initial honeymoon phase was over.

Yes, I will echo what Donna said. The term “pre-diabetes” is not used for LADA. LADA is a slower onset form of Type 1, so I could see why you might think of the period of time before needing insulin as “pre”, but it’s all part of the condition. When I was misdiagnosed as Type 2 my fasting was 325 so I was put on oral meds. These did control the condition for 15 months so I guess you could call me stable, but it was stable with medication, not without. Then my numbers began a slow but steady rise and I was seeing many numbers from the 200s to 400s until I went on insulin.

So before you were diagnosed with type 2 mis diagnosed did you have no symptoms?

so what i am asking did you have no symptoms when your first phase failed whilst second phase managed to produce?

No I definitely had symptoms. My fasting blood sugar was 325! That’s why I asked for a blood glucose test, I had been peeing a lot, thirsty, and I was losing 2 pounds every week despite not trying. I knew I had diabetes.

Maybe one of the more study-minded members will correct me on this, but I don’t believe LADA/Type 1 has a long period time where you are asymptomatic but it would be detected if you did a routine blood sugar test; not like type 2 where you can be in the pre-diabetic range without symptoms for a long time. It is “slow onset” compared to regular type 1 but it is much quicker than type 2. Again, if this is not always true, I hope someone will let me know

oh so late stages then? I am having reactive brittle sugars i am lean and just wondered. Maybe i fall into type 2 lean?

I am called by docs reactive hyper hypo pre diabetic as fasting sugars hold as second phase still produces

I really don’t know what you mean by “late stages” Claire. I added some thoughts to my post above after you responded. I also don’t know what you mean by “reactive brittle sugars”. Do you mean you are having a lot of highs and lows? I’m sorry I don’t recall from your other posts if you have been diagnosed and if your type has been determined. What was your A1C when you first saw the doctor? If you are not able to control your blood sugars with just diet and exercise you need either oral meds or insulin. Has your doctor done c-peptide and antibody testing? I encourage you to read Blood Sugar 101. It has a lot of good useful information.

they believe i am genetic based i am not sure relly whats going on. Off to chemical pathology soon to find out

AC1 is not a good test for me as my sugars swing very fast so its considered useless. Diet i am on meat and cheese no it has not fully controlled it and Metfoermin which is useless. This is why i go to chemical pathology. I seem to fall outside all “Normal” Not ment rudely pramitors so i just wondered if anybody else suffered this

late stages i mean prior to becoming fully diagnosed Diabetic

In addition to reading Blood Sugar 101, Claire, you might want to ask for a referral to an endocrinologist as it’s hard to understand the way you are describing things and you need a doctor to explain things more clearly. I hope you get some good answers soon.

my description is accurate for my condition i understand its not understood by most hence two endocronologist later now chem path. worry not but thank you for for the help. I fully understand BS but can find nobody with occult diabetes but me. Its very rare so i was thinking maybe i fell into LADA instead. But it seems i do not sadly. I have a name for it but spelling it is tough lol. Thank you for the insight though

Claire, please post what you learn. As with Zoe, I am not clear on your questions based on the description.

So far as I know, rapidly swinging blood sugars aren’t indicators of Type 1 or 1.5; this wouldn’t happen on oral meds or insulin, so I am curious to know the path results. After Googling occult diabetes, I’m wondering if the condition is more commonly termed hypoglycemia. A colleague of mine has this and must constantly graze throughout the day; I keep meaning to ask what she’s required to do overnight.

I did some research. Occult diabetes is a condition caused when there is a delay of the release of insulin. This would cause an initial jump in bg followed by a drop. This swing is what I assume you are describing as brittle. More research revealed that this condition is classed as Type 2. That makes sense because insulin is still produced – just delayed in release. In Type 1 ( including LADA), insulin is not produced.

reactive hypoglycemia sort of but in my case it reacts to first phase failure but instead of calming down once target sugar is met it keeps on going. They say its a nasty form of pre diabetes so thats why i asked about LADA pre diabetes symptoms. obviously i don’t yet know why this is happening just that it is. I figured maybe it was more common in one type of diabetes as a pose to another. Seems my logic is floored. They think maybe my adrenial glads do not send the stop signal all very strange. I am ok as long as i don’t eat as soon as i eat off i go. Hence meat and cheese to keep the spike as low a i can it won’t stop the second phase becoming drmatic! But causes less damage i eat 6 times a day protein and fat. nice! At night i wear a alam watch thing but seem ok at night, No food involved i guess although not had alam long. All very complicated and annoying. I will be a lab rat and i will post what i find out. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone its a total nightmare. Thank you fot listening x

yes it would make sense but i am lean and always have been so its a bit odd as to the caurse of if it is insulin resistance also maetformin is ineffective on 5 a day. Who knows soon find out i hope. crazy condition honest with LADA does your pancreas die in one hit or slowly? I don’t really care which one it is to be honest all stink! the side affects really suck no matter its name, Thank you yes brittle not stable thats what i ment no respect this thing none at all lol )They say i will go to insulin once second dies so it seemed to fit lada but it matters not i was just curious really if there was anyone who suffers this inconveniance too?

Many Type 2’s are lean and have bg problems. I am very sensitive to carbs and severely limit them at meals especially breakfast. What you are describing sounds like insulin resistance. With insulin resistance your pancreas still produces insulin but your cells don’t recognise it and don’t let the insulin in, so your pancreas is forced to keep producing it. All that insulin then hits you all at once and you go crashing low. If you think you are LADA ask your doctor to run a C Peptide and a GAD antibody test. LADA is slow onset Type 1 and most are positive for antibodies.

you may well be right insulin resistance may well be the issue. once i get these tests done i will know what pills are you on?