Lady rain mister thunder

The rain is dancing on the windows since we had double glazing last year most of the outside noise has decreased but here I an listening to the pit pat of rain how soothing overhead the thuder roars before the thunder the sky went dark but below there was a stange errrieness like someone had turned on a massive light,the birds fluttered away into the trees and the chitter chatter stopped how good it must be to be close to nature to understand its,its little quiabbles sure that isd not the right spelling who hey life is far too short to argue over such things or as mom use to say too much water already flowed under this bridge.
Watched 8mm on dvd did not take to it the first time around but after watching it again it has its merits,the branches of the butterfly tree are swaying fromside to side,all the flowers long died back,raining even harder now last week hose pipe bands were introduced in some parts of the country not here in the Shire yet,taken insulin had breakfast check blood sugars in an hour we purchased a ■■■■■ willow tree last week katkins I think is its proper name have to look it up,Salix Caprea Pendula for all you gardeners out there![|640x480](upload://4HevY5hEHDSWJzCISwrYTXQ3cWE.jpeg)