The Heavedns opened up and we all got drenched

After weeks of record breaking temperatures the heavens opened up this morning with a light display of lightning and thunder that shook the whole Shire some two hours later the thunder and lightning has moved on but the rain remains, day and night after night it has been almost unbearable with sweat pouring out of my skin at one time I resembled a sticky bun having heart failure along with diabetes the weather does play a big part on what I can do which is very little at the best of times, Angel has two electric fans on in our bedroom but the humidity was still unbearable at times no pity those who cannot afford to waste electricity to keep cool some provision should be made by Government for hot spells as well as cold spells that wee get in this Country.
Just tested my blood sugar levels 7 right on the button makes a nice change from some of the readings I have been getting first thing, trying to drink enough water and liquids is a real problem when you neither feel hungry or in need of liquids being 18 stone compiles the misery trying hard to reduce my weight but having to take 120 units of Novomix 30 then 20 units of Innolet at night really does not help my cause how do you cope in hot and cold weather hope it is better than I do.
Cats fed cleaning in progress all 3 hard at it paws tails parts I cannot see never mind reach but they keep me company and sane, feels chilly right now in fact my feet are cold Angel put lentils on to soak they need 12 hours looking forward to them with bits of bacon diced potatoes 2 onion large 1 we only discovered lentils in our supermarket last week Asda/ Wallmart we had lentils as kids but it had been over 50 years since we last tasted them suppose to be good for I hear, well birds chirping they too are grateful for the wet stuff all cats sleeping now house so quite you could hear a pin drop so for now take care twiddle.