Lancet trouble

For the last couple months I have been using the onetouch delica. It is a thinner lancet and most of the time i can get a bleeder just fine. Today i had an occurance where i tried to test where i could not get it to lance. I tried different lancets to make sure it wasnt that and that the device was working fine. I had to switch to a larger gauge lancet on another device to get a sample. a couple hours later when i had to test again i tried using the delica and was able to get a sample. It was not the device. has anyone had the occurance where they were not able to get a sample with a thinner gauge lancet.

I am not a fan of the new delica. The thinner gauge lancet makes me often have to squeeze my finger extra hard or adjust the device to poke extra deep to get a blood sample. I often poke the same spot 2 or 3 times just to make sure I will get a sample. My caloused fingers that have been overtested recently are even worse.

Keep poking until you get a sample or switch to a lancer that you “like” better is my advice, but I feel your “pain”.

Hey Phil, over the years, no matter what lancing device I was using, I have occasionally had the problem you mention where I just can't seem to get a sample. When that happens, I usually try washing my hands with warm water and trying again. I don't know if it softens up my hands or what, but it seems to work.

I switched to the Delica about 4 months ago and love it. I used an Accuchek device for many many years but had gotten to the point where I had little black dots on all of my fingers. My CDE gave me a Delica and lancets to try - she said that's what they use on babies so I figured I would give it a try. All the black spots on my fingers are absolutely gone now.

Another thought...are you rotating the sites carefully? Finger sticks tend to build up calluses over time, so if you constantly stick the same spot, you're going to develop a callus that needs a much harder finger stick to penetrate.


I use the delica and always have to squeeze my finger to get a drop of blood. I probably need to change the dial.

I used to have this problem and my CDE told me to soak my hands in warm water for a minute or two before pricking. It does work even though it is a right royal nuisance to do.

I think that w/ the Delica it's something w/ the alignment as I've run into the "it won't lance" issue too. I take the "lid" off and shoot the thing into my finger. I do ok getting blood but when I change it out, I often have to fiddle around with it to get it to work. I'm not a big fan.

Yes more times than I can count. The delica is just too fine for me, the lancet device that came with my new FreeStyle meters is crap too. I use the original OneTouch lancet that came with the meter I have the black spots on my 4 middle fingers, I never use index or little finger. I might get a cgm so I can cut back on sticks and maybe let my fingers heal. It's probably just calloused.

I have mixed feelings about the delica. When it works it works great, but I too have times it just doesn't seem to want to poke hard enough or deep enough to get blood. I'm not sure if its due to calluses or like AR said just a misalignment or what. But it has helped considerably with all those ugly black dots forming on your fingertips, so for that reason alone, I'll deal with the occassional annoying issue of the device not seeming to poke deep enough or hard enough for blood. I too have wondered if they are not more intended for pediatric use.

I use alternate site testing for 99% of the time. The lancets are too thin and this has been a peeve for years. To get the thicker non standard ones costs more than $30 a box. A single box would last a lifetime since I only change about once a year.

But I'm on the road and moving frequently. Have had to leave stuff behind several times already, or just forgot it. (sigh) Hate to have that happen to one more expensive thing, so I guess I'll just use multiple stabs.

For anyone not familiar with alternate site testing, this is a good link.

Alternate site testing, diabetes in control

I think on here I saw a section for non-prescription supplies to trade or donate, I bet there are some who have a drawer full of the thicker lancets they would be willing to give up or trade. I have never even thought of alternate site testing, so thanks for the link.

I think the hot water sends blood back to your hands cuz I know if your hands are cold your gonna have a harder time getting blood

The delica doesn't work for me at all. My fingers are WAY too calloused. Delica is for newbies with soft fingers :-)