Lancets anyone else as bad as me changing them?

I always forget to change I know it is bad but man I have used the one in my lancet device since Thursday! I just changed it but geeze I remember to change pump sites and CGM sites and use acohol wipes every time and switch insulin all the time but those pesky lancets just get forgotten.

Ummm once every few weeks, or once a month. lol

Okay thank goodness thought it was just me I swear I have way more boxes of lancets then I need lol

My son is a nightmare, the only time its changed is if me or his mum do it, so probably twice a week or so

I try to remember once a month

Hmm… I have the multi-clix lancet device, which uses a drum and has 5 needles. So I use one drum daily… it’s great! =)

I have like five different lancet devices but even though I use a one touch meter I use the lancet from my bayer contour it does not hurt as bad and I get better blood samples from my arms

I change at least once a year whether it needs it or not.

I think I’ve had mine in for well over a month. ::Cringe:: I keep them in until I get one prick that REALLY hurts then I remember to change it.

I use the multiclix too and usually change the lancet after each use.

yes def. sounds like me

Well, I’ve been making an all out effort to change my lancets more often…the one thing I"m not so good at is using the alcohol swabs. I need to be better at that.

Me, too! It feels like a waste to do it at every test… 2 weeks after diagnosis, we quit doing that!

oh dont worry bout it… i change it til it gets dull…lol…

I use the multi clix too and with five lancets change it so infrequently that I forget which way the drum goes in. If I am having trouble getting blood I figure it is dull and change it.

Change mine nearly every time. Had my doctor write me a script and Blue Cross covers them so why not? You have to have the MD specify how many times per day to match testing though.

i try to do it every 2 weeks or so… but that does not always happen lol
I was on a clinical rotation in the ER for one of my classes and one of the techs watched me check my blood sugar and immediately asked “aren’t you going to take that out and change it?!” when i was done so I replied with “well that’s how it’s done here, but that never works out in the real world!” … well I thought it was funny but he just walked away and shook his head.

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