How often do you change your lancets?

To make a long story short, due to my mail order pharmacy's shenanigans, I was forced to switch to the Accu-Chek Fastclix, and now I don't like anything else. They're not going to carry these anymore, though, so I was wondering how long I could use each lancet before it really starts to wear out.

I've noticed a big difference within 24 hours--they hurt more once they're used past the one-day mark.

Has anyone else noticed this, or am I just sensitive because I've been spoiled until now and have changed them with nearly every use for more than four years?

Every 3-6 tubs of strips maybe? So once every 75-150 tests. That's sort of a guess.

Every few weeks....or months

Try for once a week...usually 2x mo.

I use an Accu-Chek lancet device also. Can't even remember the last time I changed it. It's been many months. I can't imagine changing it with every use.

ive been using their fastclix one recently and i really like it. it takes ages for me to notice the the lancets wearing out. about 6 or 8 months ago my fingertips were really bothering me with the testing but i am doing the "use one finger all day" that someone on the fórum suggested and my fingers each get a weeks rest and they havent bothered me.

wow, changing them with every use?! thats lots of changing-i always forget until im saying "ow" out loud doing the fingerstick.

I use Multi-Clix and change for every test, unless I am on No. 1 in a public place where it would be awkward to load a new cartridge.

I change it every time I begin a new bottle of strips--every 50 tests then.

Your supposed to change the lancets??? But seriously I am do not remember this duty well. I try to change them monthly.

Every few months, when I'm in the mood to do it. I use a Fastclix and they just don't ever seem to get dull.

I change my lancet (BD 33 gauge - which I like much better than Accu-Chek Fastclix) every day which means every 10 tests or so.


After a vial of strips or box of vials or few months. I've almost always used one touch lancets and I could never tell the difference between a new or old one. Sounds like you have very sensitive skin guitarnut. Hopefully there's still a brand out there for you.

Probably 4 times a years.

I think I need to change mine now ... it's been about 10 days. I have purple dots on my 'most-used' fingers and they are starting to hurt!