Today was a big day!


I changed my lancet for the first time since I started using this meter, which was almost exactly 4 months ago.

How often do you change your lancets? Be honest now. :slight_smile:


You can change them?



I usually only change them when they hurt like hell AND don’t produce any blood.

Even then, I sometimes switch to a “softer” finger…

Then, when I change it, I’m like “wow - this is awesome! I should change more often!”

I know, I’m terrible.


I’m do about the same as Scott. I like mollyjade’s answer.

Some more joke answers?
“once a year whether I need to or not”
" when the clock springs ahead and when it falls back.


I change mine about as often as Scott. I keep upping the “depth” on the poker. I do like the BD brand lancets, though. I’ve always used generic store brand but my meter came with a sample pack. They really do hurt less!


I change mine when it hurts and I have the time and space to put everything down to change it out. about every 2 weeks. I should change them more often since my insurance covers most of it, my copay for 100 lancets in like $10. wish they covered more on the test strips.


i’m horrible…i used to change them every time, but i’ve become much better and change them every few days. i’m now working on changing them every few weeks or months. if i can’t save on test strips, at least i should attempt to save on lancets!


I’m pretty random. I’ll change them every test for a while, then drop to every other day, then once a week… usually I’m not worse than that though.

I havn’t figured out why though. Changing them is quick and easy, but I think it’s that when I’m testing my blood sugars, I just want to test and be done with it, and go eat or go back to what I’m doing. That little step doesn’t seem worth the 10 seconds it would take.


Honestly? I probably change it once a week, or at worst, once every two weeks. Or once it springs forward and ends up lodged in my fingertip like a harpoon. Gross.