Lantus and novalog

hello all, i am a newbie. january 2008 diagnosed with type 1. use 18 units lantus am and novalog fast acting insulin on a sliding scale. i find that both of these seem to do it for me. i am not quite sure that i
like the sliding scale starts at 150-199 meaning if my bg is in that range i need 1 unit novalog.
my fasting am reading is always under 150 but after a few cups of coffee, by the time i 'm ready for my
breakfast usually 1 hour later, my bg goes to where i need that 1 unit to compensate for that coffee i just had to have. For those of you on a sliding scale, is that how your scale works?

Hi Linda!

I never used a sliding scale-- so I can’t really help you there. But I can suggest that you start reading up on counting carbohydrates because that can give you a lot more flexibility and better control.

One book that I can suggest is “Think like a pancreas”. It may be available in your library or it’s a good buy!

Hope that others can answer your question about sliding scale!

Hi Kristin,
Thank you for your response. My endo Dr. is old school and she believes in the sliding scale. When I was first
diagnosed January this year, my bg was 450 and an a1c of 16. My last appointment 3 months ago, my a1c was 7… I had mentioned the carb ratio and she seemed pleased with my progress on the sliding scale. I see her again in 3 weeks so I’ll see what happens then. I just ordered the book from Amazon you mentioned. Maybe we can chat again. Be Well!


I use a sliding scale I add 1 unit of insulin for every 40 I am over the 120 so 121-160 +1 unit 161-200 +2 units. Everyones sliding scale is different. I take my blood sugar before each meal and according to that is where my sliding scale comes into play. I am roughly on 1 unit of insulin for every 15 carbs. Breakfast 60 carbs = 4 units lunch and dinner 75 carbs = 5 units per and 20 units of levemir at night before bed. I hope this helps. My #'s of units have changed as well. I was on 5 units at breakfast but I ended up going low before lunch often. I still do but the numbers tell the story…

Ron :slight_smile:

Hello Ron,
We are on different sliding scales. Are you on lantus in the am? I use 18 units every am. after checking blood sugar.Do you use Novalog? If so, do you inject the same time as Lantus?

Hi Linda,

When I was first diagnosed, I was on a sliding scale. They wanted to get me started on this before I learned carb counting. Not sure why because carb counting is easy & I’ve had better results with carb counting. My scale was different than yours. My targeted goal was 100-120 & I was told to correct for anything over 145 at first & then for anything over 120 later on. 150-199 is high. Like Ron said, everyone is different regarding their insulin needs. Your endo doesn’t seem progressive by thinking that 150-199 is an acceptable range. I’ve been to two endos, a CDE & my internist is great about diabetic care. The goal they’ve set for me is 90-100. Two hours after meals not over 140.

If you’re between 150-199, how much does 1 u of Novalog bring you down?

I take Lantus also & was on Apidra. You can take Novalog & Lantus at the same time, using different needles, of course.

The thing that helped my morning fasting numbers was to take Lantus in the morning & again at bed. Despite the claims, Lantus doesn’t last in the body for 18+ hours. For most people, it’s long gone by bedtime. Lantus taken before sleep lasts 8 hours overnight.

Hi Gerri,
First off, Novalog 1 unit usually works for me in less than an hour and if I have a reading of 199 within an hour will
bring me down to 140-145; but it still keeps working for me so several hours.I am not real thrilled with my sliding scale but this is a beginner diabetes 101 course my Endo has prescribed. I see her in 2 weeks and I will mention
carb counting ratio.Your goals are where I want to be as well. I have spouts of dawn phenomenon on occasion.
I go to bed with 107 and thats fasting and wake up for no reason with a 180. It drives me crazy! My Dr. will not
split my Lantus dosage. I have tons of questions for my Endo when I see her! Thanks for your reply and hope to
chat again soon! Be Well! Linda

Hi Linda,

I was on a sliding scale for only two weeks. Everyone insisted I go to carb counting ASAP. Since you were diagnosed in Jan, guess it’s time to graduate from D 101 with a supportive team:) Hope this won’t upset you, but perhaps time to change docs.

I hated my first endo & fired him. So glad I did. Ours is a condition of self-care & without the right doctor, we’re in trouble. My morning phenonmenon is like yours! Maddening! Don’t you want to cry seeing those high numbers first thing? My A1c would be far better if I could get this under control.

Told my second endo that I wanted to take Lantus twice a day. He said–of course, that’s what’s needed for his Type 1 patients. What I didn’t tell him was that I had already started doing this:) Everyone I spoke with & the Tu D posts talked about two doses, so I went for it on my own by using small doses.

My Lantus dose wasn’t split in half from my former morning only dose–another different dose was added. It has helped, though I still have bouts high fasting numbers. Seems like I’ll have 3 days a week that it’s high. Can’t figure it out, or tie it to anything. The most important thing I’ve learned is that I need to take it immediately before going to bed because it really does last only 8 hours for me. I take the morning Lantus dose as soon as I wake up.

My endo is changing me to Levemir to see if that does better for my fasting numbers. That’s why I like him! If one thing doesn’t get results, time to try something new. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all disease.

Keep me posted.

Hi Gerri,
No I’m not offended. I’m new at this and listen to any input and advise I can get. What works for some may work for others. I really believe once I see my endo she’ll listen to my concerns. I don’t like to
take it upon myself to what I call “experiment” by changing doses on ANY medication. I will say that
once I bring my concerns to her, she’ll make the changes I need to comply with what I want and may be a better route to go. This morning my fasting bg was 139 and bedtime was 181. No insulin last night.It came down on its own. Not the greatest wake-up number, but I’ll accept my 139 versus a 185
I had a few mornings last week. I think a lot of my feelings have to do with my age and I’ve always
listened to all Dr’s when it comes to my health. Thanks again and Be Well!

I take 14 Units of Novolog & 20 Units of Levemir
4 Units of Novolog before breakfast
5 Units of Novolog before lunch
5 Units of Novolog before dinner
1 Unit of correction for every 40 over 120
20 Units of Levemir before bed which I have been told is comparable to Lantus.
I was told to keep about 3-4 hours between shots as well as meals.

Hello Ron,
First of all, lovely wedding photo! With my FAI my scale allows only so many units per bg level.
For ex: Before meals:150-199=1unit 200-249=2units 250-299=3units 300-349=4units 350-399=
5units 400-449=6units and 450-499=7units. At bedtime I decrease by 1 unit. This formula for correction
is: blood glucose minus 100 divided by 50 (ISI). I stil,of course watch and count my carbs. I take my Lantus 18 units am. only. I have on this post that some split their dose. My am Lantus seems to be
covering my needs. I forgot: my Novalog needs to be 4 hours apart, and only used as needed. There is
a big difference in our equations.