Lantus insulin

Hi All,

I skipped my dose of lantus last night (on accident!) I usually take 9 units at bed. I took 5 this morning to catch up and then my rapid insulin as usual, but I have felt a bit nauseous all day. Any suggestions of what to do when this happens? Although I will probably never do this again bc I have paid for it!


I'm sure you are perfect so this will never happen again. I think the general rule is that you should take a proportional dose as soon as you remember. So if your remembered 12 hours afterwards that you forgot your dose, taking 5 units (or 4.5) was right on target. It isn't a perfect fit but you can't go back and take insulin for the hours you missed.

ps. I presume you tested and corrected for any high blood sugars. If not, then heed the nausea and test and correct if needed.