Forgot my Lantus, Can I take it now?

Hello my name is Octavia and I’ve been recently diagnosed as type 1( previously diagnosed as being type 2 last year), I’m currently taking 4 units of humalog with meals and 12 units of Lantus at bedtime. I forgot to take my Lantus last night can I take it now? Please help

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Taking a missed injection of Lantus off of schedule might cause a problem. The long action of Lantus means that some of it will still be active when you return to your regular schedule. There is a possibility you many experience hypoglycemic due to a larger than normal amount of Lantus active in you body.

I would suggest that you monitor your blood glucose closely and make necessary corrections with Humalog until you can return to your regular Lantus schedule.

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I second @Stemwinder_Gary’s suggestion to wait until bedtime to continue with your normal Lantus dose.

You will need to inject Humalog to take care of a higher than normal blood sugar that resulted from your missed Lantus dose.

When I was taking Lantus, my endo prescribed 1/2 dose before breakfast and 1/2 before dinner. Accordingly. I see no reason why you cant take 1/2 your normal dose .

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