Forgot my Lantus, Can I take it now?

Hello my name is Octavia and I’ve been recently diagnosed as type 1( previously diagnosed as being type 2 last year), I’m currently taking 4 units of humalog with meals and 12 units of Lantus at bedtime. I forgot to take my Lantus last night can I take it now? Please help

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Taking a missed injection of Lantus off of schedule might cause a problem. The long action of Lantus means that some of it will still be active when you return to your regular schedule. There is a possibility you many experience hypoglycemic due to a larger than normal amount of Lantus active in you body.

I would suggest that you monitor your blood glucose closely and make necessary corrections with Humalog until you can return to your regular Lantus schedule.


I second @Stemwinder_Gary’s suggestion to wait until bedtime to continue with your normal Lantus dose.

You will need to inject Humalog to take care of a higher than normal blood sugar that resulted from your missed Lantus dose.

When I was taking Lantus, my endo prescribed 1/2 dose before breakfast and 1/2 before dinner. Accordingly. I see no reason why you cant take 1/2 your normal dose .

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ok so I missed my langue dose by going to sleep and I woke up around 6 am and got it. My dose is 30 and I’m supposed to get it at 9:30 do I still take it the next nigh? I don’t wanna overlap the dose and go low or anything happen to me in my sleep

First off, what is langue, do you mean Lantus? You didn’t specify your dosing schedule it will be hard to say. Lets assume you take Lantus in the evening, missed it and took it the following morning. Since you have taken an off schedule injection this morning you will still have Lantus in your system this evening, returning to a full amount scheduled evening basal injection may cause a problem.

In this scenario I think it would be wise to reduce the size of your evening basal injection. I’m thinking around 50%.