Lantus pen vs. syringe

anybody find that they feel more comfortable using a syringe. i am thinking that maybe i am not getting my whole lantus dose with the pen i am using. i recently came off of the omni pod so i am still adjusting to this whole method. every single day is different. i am thinking that these past few high days are due to my pen. i know that it is not expired because i only recently opened it, but i am wondering if perhaps the mechanism itself is not working properly.

I have only ever once used a syringe in hospital when the hospital ran out of needles, or something else happened, cannot remember what. We were wondering what I should do when the nurse thought to put a needle into the pen, withdraw the insulin from the pen into the syringe and then gave it to me that way.

Personally I do not like the idea of the syringe, partly because it looks like an injection - though it is more accurate. I also do not like the waste (or seemingly) - for me it would be 5 syringes a day or more, and whereas the lantus, there is only one pen to discard at the end of use. With the syringes, due to my busy lifestyle, I would have to carry 5 syringes with me - some used, where as with the lantus (or pork insulin) there is only the one pen. The pen I use is re-useable so that reduces the wasteage problem.

As for your problems with highs, as you are a woman, it could be that you are going through hormonal changes and that has coincided with your change of methods, you could have an infection, you could be under stress - or it could just be random. Diabetes is, in my view, rather fickle. You can do everything right, and it still throws a few wobblies for no known reason, and then get back on track!

I wish you well.

Are you taking a pump vacation? Many pumpers find that it is a Good idea to do so sometimes.

I used to hate needles for many years but I’m Very used to them now. They don’t bother me at all. I do not like using pens period. So I quit those again. I do have a few spots with scar tissue from many years of overuse. I choose different areas and rotate more often since it absorbs Better. I’m slim so that helps also. Fatty areas do not absorb Insulin as well either. I also do not use more than 8 units( or 9 if I Really need it) in one shot which works Better. I also eat small portions of food and some low carbs plus exercise regularly, so I use less Insulin. No matter which you use, always leave the syringe or pen needle in for a full 8-10 seconds after injecting insulin. Nothing new really.

I know what you mean about those 2 or 3 days of high “unbringdownable” sugars. Crazy and frustrating and for no known reason usually. I guess it is the misalignment of the planets those days. :slight_smile: I do not eat much during these times and drink more water. Try not to stress about it helps sometime for some People. Thankfully it is not often and Great that they do come back in line. I wish you Much Luck! :slight_smile:

Wow, Emmy, thanks for that. I sometimes wonder if I get everything into me or too much and would never have known how to check it! What a brilliant idea!