Lantus vs Toujeo

I am on the Assistance program for Lantus & Apidra pens. Shortly after Toujeo was released, my endo gave me a sample to try. I did not notice any difference from Lantus other than the Toujeo pen dosed slightly smoother.
If my math is correct, Lantus box of 5 is 15 ml while Toujeo box is claimed to be 4.5 ml, which indicates a box of Toujeo contains 150 units less insulin (almost a week’s worth for me).
I know that as a U-300, 3 units of Toujeo is the same physical size of 1 unit of Lantus. Doesn’t the Toujeo pen allow adjustments of 1 unit?
Has anyone experienced improved control Lantus vs Toujeo?