Switching to Toujeo

I recently started on a pump vacation. So far I am actually having pretty good control and honestly I don’t mind the MDIs. When I spoke to my diabetes nurse she suggested that I use Toujeo as my basal insulin not lantus. I was just wondering what people’s experiences are with using toujeo. Has anyone else switched from lantus to toujeo?

I switched to Toujeo and then moved to Tresiba because of insurance. Toujeo is an excellent basal insulin. I never had any problems. Be forewarned. The volume of each injection of Toujeo is much larger than Lantus. This means that the same dose, number of units, will be much more liquid with Toujeo. I liked it. Good luck.

OK, that makes me feel a little more confident in making the switch. My doctor told me when you make a change in the dose it takes 3-5 days to see the full impact. Did you find that?

I did and my doctor said three days. I would use it again, but the discount lasted only 24 months.