Lasik, a life changing

Iv been sacrificing for almost 7 years for my astigmatism, it’s been a killer for me for almost 7 years in my life since I had this condition. Last 2006, my eye condition gets worse and the sad part of the story was I resigned in my job because of the disadvantage effect of my condition. That is why, in the mid of last year I decided to undergo Lasik it’s the only option because I hate wearing those thick glasses (oldie thick glasses), that makes me look old big time. Im only 37 years old and my friends told me that I look like 60, but anyway back to the story I went for a Lasik in
my2020( one of my friends recommend me) and without any hesitation I go for it. I find the clinic and the surgeon high-quality for a Lasik, Dr. Stephen B. Wiles my surgeon is so informative and has such a calm demeanor; he put me at ease even though I was nervous about the procedure. He went through all of the steps involved in the treatment so that I knew exactly what to expect. I appreciate everything he has done to make my vision what it is today. I can now see 20/20 with no help and do the things that im into before. I feel like Im back in my teen’s life right now. I look great without having a thick glasses and I feel good about it. The best thing is im back in my field of interest and I got a better opportunity. Lasik is a life changing for me and it’s one of the best things that happen in my life.

Yeah! Love to hear good outcomes - I’m considering Lasik.
Thanks for sharing!