Lazy Saturday! :)

Oh man - it was so nice to sleep in this morning! I tell you, one thing about working really long and hard during the week to the point of wanting to fall over is that when you sleep you SLEEP LIKE A ROCK!!! Thats not super great on weekdays because it makes it hard to get up - but on weekends when you can sleep in some it’s really nice. Thank goodness we have probably the only baby in the world that likes to sleep in! Even if she does get up, we can bring her in bed with us and she goes back to snoozing! :slight_smile:

My day was almost a blow out because of lunch! I think a lot of the time I think that just because a food is healthy it means I can eat a lot of it. I had my normal breakfast and was in a good mood because I got down to 238 (woo hoo!) and so for lunch I was looking in the fridge for some of the healthy stuff I bought to eat for lunch. I made a pita sandwich - but while I was eating it, it looked so good that I decided to have both halfs of the pita instead of just one. It’s healthy right? Well, after lunch I also put all of the triscuts that I bought into individual serving bags and after I was done figured I had probably ate about a serving and a half while I was doing it.

So later when I was entering all my stuff into I had a big surprise. While yes my lunch was well balance and good for you food - I ate so much of it that it was over 700 calories! Yikes! And that unplanned snack of crackers threw me up another 180 calories to boot! Whoops! If I would have just stuck to my orginal plan I would have been right in the 500 range for lunch that I needed. Oh well, I guess I learned from it!

Later in the afternoon Terry, Harper, and I took a walk to Winn Dixie (about 3/4 a mile a way) to get some stuff for a new soup I wanted to try. (I had to figure out something for a low cal dinner!) That was a nice little walk and I’m going to jump on the eliptical right after I’m done on here.

Better get to it!


Now: 238
Start: 245

Down -7

Calories - 1877, carbs 41%, fat 32% pro 26%
Walked 30 min, Elipticall 60 min