So I got released for activity yesterday. I still have staples but there fine.
So with that im working out three times a day for at least an hour a time to get back in shape.
Worked out for an hour and forty min this morning before Hadley woke up.
Parers went back to work so I have hader bug and Michael all day every day but I love having them.
Life is great!<3

Goood for you Kelsey!! Go get’em. Just make sure not to hurt yourself.

You’re amazing Kelsey!!!

Don't you just love being a big sister? My youngest brother was born when I was 13 and we have always been really close. I feel like I helped raise him. :)

Holy smokes, 3 hours/ day is a lot! I can run for about 2 hours now but need to work my way up to 3...I agree w/ the suggestions to be careful! Do you do sports all the time?

Way to go! My ankle is still creaky from the race I ran Saturday (+/- 1/2 marathon...long story! LOL...) but I ran, I was thinking "If I can just do 3 miles..." but it started to sort of loosen up (or chunks of arthritis got ground off?) so I ran a couple more! I'm sure I'll find some calories around here somewhere...*munch munch*