Busy Day

Evenin everyone :)

I hope everyone's day was a good one.


Weight: 260 lbs. (I weigh again on Sunday)

Exercise: I went grocery shopping for about an hour today.

While this wouldn't normally be considered exercise right now I can count it.

(If the magazine was correct that is.)

A diabetes magazine I get covered exercise and they stated if you've been inactive you can count shopping.

I would love to go to the pool. It's located in a city about 45 mins away. When I'm back at work next week I will begin going to the pool.

My goal is to exercise but it's something I don't want to do.

So I'm going to begin with baby steps.

I could have sent Thomas to the store with a list and stayed in the recliner but I forced myself to go do it myself.

Water: I have consumed 48 ozs at this point I hope to finish off another 20 ozs before bedtime.

Food: I did really well with this.

I stayed w/i my allowed points. I stuck to my food plan and consumed the allowed carb choices. I didn't go over. I didn't snack today which is an improvement from my normal behavior when I'm on a long break from work.

Glucose Checks: I have checked my glucose twice today. Fasting 97 and 2 hrs after B was 87

I'll do a bedtime check.


My asthma is gone for now so I made the right choice about not taking anymore pred.

While I was shopping I focused on better food selections.

That should inhance my diet greatly.

While shopping I saw our support group leader. I haven't been to a meeting in over a year.

She made me feel really good when she said I looked good.

Instead of saying Thank you and leaving it at that my reply was thank you but I've gained a ton of weight.

When I get a compliment why can't I just accept it and not point out something negative about myself.

It's been a good day.


You go, girl!

Thank you for the smile Gerri :)