Leaky Pen

I started a new Lantus pen tonight and it’s leaking insulin out of the needle. I tried to call the Sanofi Aventis 1-800 number and they are closed. So do I use it or try another one? It’s brand new, I’ve tried switching to a new needle, even tried different brands and it’s still leaking…

Prime it, and see if it keeps doing it… this can be a problem with the Solostar pens… some just drip and drip and drip and don’t stop. If all you get is a single smallish drop after priming, it’s probably fine.

I think it’s fine. If you take the needle off between uses and throw the used ones away (safely), you wont’ have this problem.

That’s happened to me once with a Levemir pen. I threw out the pen, because I was unsure of the delivered dose I was getting. When I was using the leaky pen, my fastings were very high. With the new pen, my values were much better. Maybe contact the manufacturer and have them send you a new pen to replace this one.

When I was briefly on the Lantus Opticlick pen (that was when Lantus moved to the pen delivery from vial), the pen consistently leaked. I now prefer the prefilled disposable pens.


I’ve never had one leak. I use the prefilled pens, but I use a new needle each time. I only change out my lancets once a month or so, but always use a new pen needle. Is that necessary? I’d love to save some extra money by not using as many needles! Thanks.

well, according to the lantus people, you’re only supposed to use BD’s pen needles with the solostar pen per their recommendation and then because you’re supposed to take the needle off each time, which apparently eliminates leaking, would make you have to use a new needle everytime. fortunately, this is my lantus and not my novolog leaking as it just means one more needle change on that pen per day. i know that my novolog pens do not leak and i leave the needles on and only change it once a day.