Pen Needles Anyone? daughter, Sandie, age 10, was diagnosed 6 months ago..up until last week, she was on only one shot of Levimir a day...She was in her honeymoon period...Now she needs to cover two meals with .5 unit of Novolog. I was thinking it would be easier to use a pen needle because they seem like they would be easier to travel with and I hear the needle is smaller. However, my doctor is reluctant because he says they leak..Can any of you share your experiences? thanks, Marnie

hi Marnie ~

The pen will leak if the needle is left screwed to the end of it. If the needle is removed after each use, the pen shouldn't leak. The rubber stopper in the pen is similar to that which is in a vial.

My concern is delivering a half unit of insulin. It seems to me that the pens with which I am familiar are graduated in whole units. I am looking at a syringe as I write this and it, too, is graduated in whole units. I don't know about a Novolog pen, but the half unit dose is something that maybe you would like to discuss with your endo or CDE.

Be well.

Brian Wittman

thx Brian I will look into that...I'm going to check out the new Novolog Junior, hoping that has .5 increments...Marnie

I use novolog & lantis pens , I have never had them leak & it is much easier then doing the shots she will like using them better then the regular shot I was 10 when I got the big D !!

I have been on the pen ever since I was told I was Type 2..never have had a leak. Novolog at day Lantus at night. I think the pens are great.

As a post script, I use B.D. syringes with 1/2 unit markings. I've read that there are other 1/2 marking syringes available as well, such as those at Walmart's.

I use a pen made by Lilly for Humalog insulin. The pen I have at the moment only dispenses full units, but they also make a pen called the Luxura HD that delivers half as well as whole units. I'm hoping to switch to that pen soon!

Thanks, Alan. My endo gave me the one I have. I'll see him in a couple of weeks and will ask him for the half-unit pen. I notice that the full-unit one isn't being marketed anymore!