Learn From Our Parents

My mother god rest in peace, was a always working, cleaning, cooking she had to be as my father was no help with bills. She left him when i was ten and it was only us, she was a Maude in her time. She took no crap from no one and was very independent. She found out she was a type 1 when she was 49 and has always been one untreated till that time. So between working night work while we slept, and cooking, cleaning when we were home she never got sleep she wore her self out. She was a self medicated she would adjust her insulin to what she ate. Her favorite bed time snack was three scoops of ice-cream over frosted flakes. She ended up losing her foot to her knee. i was told i have type 2 this past March, i have learned that i need to eat at the correct times and eat better than i have been .

It is parental wisdom that gives us hope, even if that wisdom was lost on our parents. Thank you for the wonderful post.