Hello new here. Not new to diabetes

Hello I am new here. Found out I was Type 1 Diabetic 2 weeks ago. Grew up taking car of my mothers roller coaster blood sugar, more low then high. Watched my aunt lose her leg due to her highs and have a cousin who seems to be doing well.

So far doing well keeping my sugar in control adjusting to doing all the things I yelled at my mother to do. I am wondering if I was LADA. Scared of giving my children the horrible memories of youth that I had because of my mother. More scared that the will develop diabetes. Frustrated that the doctor in the hospital talked down to me, just seem very condescending and really didn’t tell me much I didn’t already know. Mostly glad to be alive and doing better.

Welcome!!! I know your memories of childhood are bad (my daughter’s can tell you about that and the lows I had while they were childern) but you seem to know what your doing here. You got some good ideas hold on to them!!! My Dr seems to understand and we work as a team. May you find one like that.

Wow. One day at a time and definitely lots of support from the people here. Soo how can we help?


Working on getting in to an Endo, do need to find one I click with. I know me and doctors I won’t go if I don’t like them and can’t afford to do that with diabetes.Funny thing is being diagnosed has seemed to help how my mother and I get along. We have agreed not tell each other what to do, just wish she would eat better.

That would be my advice. My daughter and I got closer when she took Type 1 at 11. It does seem to make you closer to the other person in your family with Type 1. It was only me and my daughter out to fight the world (& her sister & her dad!) LOL!

Have type one on both sides of the family. Mother found out at 30, Cousin on my fathers side don’t lost her leg, and a cousin I have only met a handful of times on my mothers side who seems to be doing well. Have good support from family and from friends who also are living with diabetes.

THAT’S GREAT!!! I myself come from a looong line of both Types myself.

The best thing about the memories is that the complications don’t have to happen to us. I share your worry over children and grandchildren getting diabetes. One of my kids got it at 13, 37 years ago, had a double transplant, then an amputation due to the drugs they gave to keep the transplant. The meters, CGM, and pump today have changed the future for all of us, definitely better than what everyone had in the past.

Welcome to the party! Im never really quite sure how to welcome people to having diabetes. It sounds like you know the ropes well and are going to be able to cope even better. As for the kids… Good call. But, thats what we as parents do isnt it? Try to give our kids a better life than we had.

I got to say though, every time my 3 year old asks for water or a snack at night my stomach curls. Im so scared s#$tless of what I would do and the things shed have to come to grips with. It really freaks me out.

At any rate, welcome.

My three year old is in the constant must have a drink phase. I panic inside when ever she has an accident. But my kids also help keep me going.

Mine is I want to eat before bed right now. Freaks me out. My older one is old enough that if something were to happen she could cope. The younger one would just be hell.

Yeah, your in a whole new place. But, as Im sure you know time will make it routine and it will be (and sounds like it is) already part of daily life. Plus you’ve got enough experience to know how to deal with it well. Not just the physical stuff, but mentally. That a big part for control imho.

I put in place a testing regimen for all children and grandchildren: once a month both fasting and an hour after eating. I figure after they’ve done it awhile they’ll see what their normal is. And reaction to the abnormal.

Welcome to our family Lewis. You have a special place here. I know the fear of wondering about kids getting the D. I don’t have kids but It would kill me if my nieces or nephew were ever DX.

Keep in touch.