Learning from D-Blog Week

I learned much more on a range of topics during D-Blog week--more added to all that I've already learned from TuDiabetes and other Diabetes blogs. The week was fun, informative and educational. I hope that we have the same kind of week annually, since Diabetes changes daily for each of us, research keeps adding information, new folks join us in having Diabetes, and the DOC itself keeps changing and growing. Much as I appreciate the accumulation of knowledge the DOC provides, I also appreciate the entertainment value and addition of cyber friendships. My sincere thanks to everyone who participated.

You are right Trudy, it was a fun, informative & educational week. Karen did say on her blog that she is making plans for the 3rd Annual Diabetes Blog Week so it is in the works.

It’s good to know that we’ll have more good weeks in the future! Thanks, Kelly.