Letter from Congress

I received a letter today from Robert B. Aderholt the Representative for my area in congress. The letter was telling me about H.R. 2241. Representative Engel from NY introduced it into Congress on May 9 of last year. They are trying to establish a Division of Diabetes Translation within the CDC. The mission of this is to eliminate diabetes. The Director of the CDC would be required to develop a pilot demonstration project for screening and identifying persons with undiagnosed or un-manifested diabetes and providing them with access to lifestyle interventions. The existing Diabetes Prevention Program at the CDC would be required to implement trial interventions to reduce the incidence of type-2 diabetes and related complications in the U.S. as well as focus on research on co-occurring chronic conditions for which treatment could complicate the management of diabetes.

This information is coming directly from the letter I received. I have pasted a link to where it talks about it on one site on the internet.