Were you aware?

Congress renewed a large multi-year grant for research on Type 1 diabetes. Seems like there's hope yet!


Yes, congress continues to pump money into the ADA and JDRF. But I guess I have to question how well these organizations have championed the objective pursuit of diabetes research. I am glad the government is stepping up to fund diabetes research, but I worry that turning the money over to these organizations will just feed their particular corporate interests. Will any of this money help Denise Faustman?

I don’t know where this particular grant is going – they didn’t mention that. But I do know it is specifically aimed at Type 1. The link was to a comment by the CEO of JDRF expressing his gratitude – I don’t know if any of the money will go to ADA. Or independent researchers.

Ah yes. The evil ADA and JDRF. Their in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry you know, and of course they are underwritten by big oil who in turn support terrorists.