Petition to Congress - Support Access to Diabetes Self-Management Training

This petition is sponsored by the American Association of Diabetes Educators to the U.S. Congress telling them we want them to support and pass the Medicare Diabetes Self-Management Training Act as part of any national health care reform. It asks that diabetic education and training by certified diabetic educators be covered.

I wouldn’t ordinarily post a petition, but I think this particular one is very important. The better educated we are about the different forms of Diabetes, the different medications available and how they work is so very important to every diabetic patient.

The web address is:

I am posting this discussion to several forums (Type 1, Type 2, Diabetic News) to maximize exposure. So if you see it in a few different places, it’s not an error. I’m just trying to get the word out to people who may only read what pertains to their dx.

Well, it got moved to here, guess I didn’t post this right. Anyway, hope people find it here!

web address?

The way I typed it in, it didn’t register…I edited and now it is there. Thanks!

cool. thanks! going there now to check it out.


WOW… I guess this isn’t a very important topic to people here… sorry to have wasted everyone’s time posting this.