Letter to the community, from Manny Hernandez

Hi everyone,
I am very thankful and humbled by all the messages I have received here, elsewhere in social media, and via email.

You know how much I love DHF: it's been my life for the past 7+ years, and nearly another baby that Andreina (my wife, and co-founder) brought to the world, and then saw such an incredible family grow around it and care for it so deeply.

I have made the decision to step down for very personal reasons, to focus on my family's future for the next few years. However, I won't become a stranger to TuDiabetes, DHF, or the DOC. I plan to remain involved as an active volunteer with the organization, and continue to follow and support the amazing work the DHF team does.

I have been SO impressed with the passion and dedication shown by the board of directors at DHF all along, and particularly in the period leading to this announcement. They all worked SO HARD. I stand 100% behind their decision to elect Melissa as interim Executive Director. We have in her a new leader that I hope everyone will join me in welcoming, rallying behind, and supporting.

As for me, when I know what the (professional) future holds, I will be sure to share it. :)

Thank you.......

I'm afraid my wife has long since given up hope of my ever growing up

I refuse to.

Gray hair in beard notwithstanding.


I haven't been here that long, but I've gained so much from this community. That would not have happened without Manny.

Best wishes and unqualified success in your future direction, Manny. Glad you're staying active here, though!

Thank you manny, and good luck to manny, melissa and everyone with the transition.
Manny, your website and all of the people Ive met here have SAVED MY SANITY! thank you thank you thank you! I hope you continue to touch the lives of people everywhere.

"Gray hair in beard" ? ?

If you're looking for sympathy, you came to the wrong guy.


Manny...captain oh my captain. Though this announcement catches me off guard, as it is a complete surprise, I want to add that I have been immensely blessed to have you as a founder, friend, fearless guide, implementer...and the list goes on.
However, as you stated....you are not gone....in fact you'll have more freedom of time to not only devote yourself to your first family as well as to new venues, but to enjoy the fruit of your labour here at Tu.
Manny, you are indelibly etched in our hearts and you will forever be synonymous with Tu.
Love and huge baskets of hugs...ton amie canadienne, linda

We welcome you with open arms Melissa ♥

Wow! What amazing news! I was surprised when this cropped up in my FB feed @ work today but don't really post there too much. I'm glad that I decided to join Tu in 2009. I'd been a pretty active member at another community (and still reconnect with those folks on FB...) but was not as impressed with a big login problem many folks had and the silence of the administrators and kind of checked out other sites and thought Tu looked very interesting as the conversations were very lively. I was able to fit right in and get into flamewars about low-carb diets and all the other usual suspects right away, without being banned and only being warned about swearing a couple times, back in the old days when there was swearing. I enjoyed meeting Manny and Heather and Mike and the ADA Scientific Conference in Chicago and have enjoyed most posts here, except maybe the sad ones like when JRT left us.

I always "sell" the community as I feel that message boards are a great resource, with more dialectic answers than FB or blogs. I loved TuAnalyze (is it time for the next round? C'mon researchers! The map was killer!) and the Big Blue Test and the video chats I can work into my schedule!

We love you and will miss you Manny! Welcome aboard Melissa! We love you too!! I am eagerly awaiting Mike Lawson and Desiree's singing and dancing lessons in BBT 2015! rest of

I was shocked when I read the news. How will we carry on without Manny at the helm was my first thought. Then I realized that Manny has built this community into one that can carry on without him, that is the sign of a true leader. He has put in place a set of principles that will guide us into the future.

He has also given us a dedicated staff that is very capable of carrying on his vision. With the appointment of Melissa Lee as interim director of the DHF I feel even more confident in it's ability to continue making a difference in the lives of diabetics everywhere.

Manny and TuDiabetes has helped improve the lives of so many, mine included.

Thank You Manny

Congratulations Manny. This is not "goodbye" but rather a "see you later". You have reached your goals with Tudiabetes and leaving it in good hands with Melissa who I also congratulate for taking the reins.

It's a life progression for you and I am so happy for all your success and new endeavors. That's why I say see you later, cause we all will see you later in some other capacity in the D-world.

Best wishes,


Thanks, Linda. I've been at Manny's side here for a long time and I promise I will care for the community in the spirit on which it was founded by Manny and Andreina. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Hi Manny. I feel a little unsettled at your leaving TuDiabetes--we're going to miss you. You deserve a Lifetime Achievement Award in the Diabetes Hall of Fame for creating this life-saving website! Still I firmly believe we all should look for new adventures in life. I wish a great 2015 for you and your family as you find those great adventures and new accomplishments. Happy New Year!