Levemir and Omnipod

Hi All, I was just wondering if Levemir is okay to use with the omnipod.
I know Novolog and Humalog are recommended. But my doctor prescribed me Levemir. Knowing im on the omnipod.

Levemir is a long-acting basal insulin and is not recommended for use in any insulin pump, including the Omnipod.

Some people use long acting insulin, injected separately from a pump, in a form of combined therapy called “untethered.”

Sounds like your communication with your doctor is confusing. You need to get clear what your doctor intends with the Levemir Rx.


No, of course it’s not all right to use any basal insulin in a pump. Maybe the Levemir is meant as backup in case your pump fails? Did he also prescribe a fast acting insulin to be used in the pump? If not, call him to let him know of his mistake and get a proper prescription.


i agree with Terry4 that your dr. may want you to use levemir as a basal, plus the omnipod, however, if you are using more than 200 units in 3 days, switching to 200u/ml and changing the omnipod settings is probably better, just need to be careful if you are looping… lyumjev 200u/ml is also a possibility, however, fda approval may be an obstacle

I have no idea what looping is.
But i am using about 200 Units every 3 days.

It could be that my Endo forgot to update my medical file.
It was my GP that prescribed me the Levemir.

you should be fine then, just keep in mind if 200 units lasts 3 days most of the time, or 2 1/2 days, 200u/ml is available and might be better for boluses…sounds like a lot of users seem to supplement their omnipods with bolus shots or extra basals, which seems counterintuitive, plus 60 units of lyummjev, fiasp, apidra, etc should cover any meal…even a buffet

Levemir is long acting insulin, NOT used to fill Omnipod. However, some do inject Levemir or Lantus in addition to pump delivered fast acting insulin. Seems odd your GP gave it to you, without additional explanation.

The levemir may also be just as a backup, in case of pump failure. So it’s always good to have.

If you use that in a pod you will crash hard.
The pod will keep increasing your insulin because your sugars will be high, and then bang it’s going to hit you hard when you are not expecting it and it will be difficult to bring it back up.