Which insulin do you use in your omnipod?

Hello everyone,
After 30 years on the needle I’m giving pump therapy a try. Ironically my control was always better on good ole NPH and Regular. For the last year I have been using Levemir *Lantos burned) and Novalog and am tired of having to take 4-6 shots a day to maintain the same control I had on 2 shots of NPH and Regular. So my question is this, not having a great deal of experience with the latest generation of fast acting insulins, what brand are you using with your Omnipod and what makes it better than the others? Thanks very much,

I use Novolog, but I don’t know why my doctor prescribed it over anything else.

I am using Humalog! I am not sure why it was prescribed to me but it works and I was using it for MDI’s…

I’m on Humalog. Not for any specific reason—just been using it since I was dxd.

Just getting started with the Omnipod. I’m currently using Lantus & Apidra. I expect to be using only Apidra when I start pumping.

I use Novolog (probably because I was on it before starting the 'Pod). I think you’ll find that almost all pumpers are prescribed one of the insulin analogs because they are so much faster acting, which is what pump therapy is all about.

Thanks for the info everybody, just got my Omnipod and will be training next week. I’ll find out which insulin the doc wants me on.


I received my pods a few weeks ago and I’m now “practicing” with saline. I expect to start with Novalog Monday or Tuesday! Good luck to you! Alice

I use Humulin R (U-500). This is because of my extreme insulin resistance. For those who don’t know, the U-500 is five (5) times the strength of U-100 so my 200 units in my OmniPod is like a 1,000 units of U-100. Since I use about 100 units (that’s like 500 of U-100) a day my pod last about two days.
With that being said my levels are the best and I feel better than I felt in the 15 years that I was on shots. I consider the OmniPod the greatest device yet for diabetics on insulin, it’s an engineering marvel.
I did have weight gain at first being on the pump, now I am SLOWLY losing weight but it’s been very hard to lose weight.

I use Novolog, which I have been on for many years.

I use Humalog… Only because I am stubrun and refuse to use anything else. I have been on Humalog since dx’d April 1998 (expect from 3 very bad months on Novolog) and will argue with any medical professional who want to switch me (my old doctor;who was my uncle; used to send in medical students or residents to mess with them and have them tell me I was switching to a novolog so they could “learn” to deal with difficult pts.)