Levemir with Fast acting or Novolog 70/30 or even Levemir Split dosage?

Levemir worked great for my overnight and fasting BS. It brought me back down from a 10.5 to a 6.3 A1C in a 3 month period. I really need something during the day though as my BS can go up to 175 eating the smallest item. I can wake up with a BS of 70...eat nothing and two hours later be at 110.
My doctor just switched me from Levemir to Novolog 70/30.
Everyone is different of course but whats your experience?

I don't have experience with any of the above products however I suspect that it's *incredibly* unlikely that your bolus/ basal ratio is exactly 70/30? I don't recall reading too many accounts of people liking that. I suspect that it would lead to either overeating, to chase lows, or oversugaring if you don't bother? If the doc thinks you need a short-acting insulin, you'd be better off to go to a dedicated insulin for that and a separate basal insulin. Of course, I'm not a doctor but I don't see why 70/30. I can't conceive that the doctor has data to support that choice.

My problem was I could shoot the correct dose of Novolog for my meal and in 1.5 hrs I would be in the 170's. My ENDO said this was due to GLP-1 and added Victoza to my shots. I have been on this for 3 weeks and it has made a big difference in how my body reacts to insulin. My BG's have dropped fromthe 150 - 170 range to 90 - 120. I have also lost 5lbs in the 3 weeks.

70/30 could be a perfect match for you now, but you will have more flexibility using fast acting for each meal or snack and you cannot do a simple correction using mixed insulin. Anything is better than what you where doing..and your A1c is great, dropping it too fast can also be unhealthy for some individuals. Just take small steps and don't fall of the wagon.

My big brother (Very skinny T2) started using Levemir over Christmas break...now he thinks he has found the cure has gained 10 lbs and will eat anything...he just doesn't get it, I have tried to help him for years but I'm just his baby brother.

I used Victoza for about a month. It did at full dose help me to remain closer to the 120 range or lower. I lost 10lbs in close to 3 weeks, had no appetite till dinner time each day and ate nothing. It was not a good choice for me so I went off it.

My doctor discussed 70/30 but we decided on MDI's with Levemir/Novolog. I know is is more injections to take them separately but it gives much greater flexibility. My basal-bolus ratio is not at the 70/30 level. MDI's allow me to adjust.I agree with Acidrock it seems you would end up trying to adjust your diet to the 70/30 or end up chasing highs and lows.

Gary S