Libraries don't carry John Walsh's book?

I admit I’m a cheapskate and don’t spend money unless absolutely required -I prioritize spending on food, insulin and diabetic supplies. So, most of the books I read and movies I watch are courtesy of the local public library. However, I have not been able to locate “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh in any of the 3 public libraries I have access to nearby - Dublin, Pleasanton or Livermore. I intend to request the librarians to buy the book.

Has anyone else looked for this book in their local libraries? Did you find it there? Just curious.


I too have looked for this book in our library system and they do not have it. The library system we are part of include probably 30 libraries. Looked at another library system up north, and they do not have it either.

I have read many books that have proven to be very valuable to me…but almost all of them are from the library. I am curious about the reason why libraries don’t carry this book…is it that John Walsh does not want libraries to carry it? Does he want everyone to purchase their own copies?

libraries are a mass media outlet. we make up 7% of the population, and pumpers are a small minority of that. books like that (and computer books) go out of date quickly as new technology comes in. libraries are usually on a tight budget on what books to buy. when i find holes like that in my library, i donate the book.

This brings up an interesting point…why do libraries not carry certain books? When I was a tad more political, I checked w/ our local library to see why the did not have more progressive titles and found a board of folks decide which books get purchased…you may wish to check out who your folks are and give them a list of good books…increase diabetes awareness locally! I think I may do the same! I also found out that you can “donate” books to the library…at ours it had to pass this board of folks…but, you can make sure they have a copy.

So…did anybody other than Mike look up their libraries to see if any of them have the book?

King County, Washington has four copies of Insulin Pump Therapy Demystified by Kaplan-Mayer, Gabrielle. with a forward by Gary Scheiner. Nothing else on pumps. Published in 2003.

Yes, my library system has that book (read it) and one put out by the ADA called Smart Pumping : A practical Approach to the Insulin Pump (read that one too). Going to have to go and get that book. I wanted to get one at the library first to make sure that I would find it useful to use all the time (I am sure I will)., here I come!

Thanks, all!

Most libraries have a program where they can get you any book you want for a limited amount of time and it costs usually $1.00 unless it’s gone up. They get it from larger libraries like at a college. I’ve used the program before and you can usually have the book a month.