Libre 2 update!

This is an update to my previous post about the libre. I am now using the Libre 2 for the past 6 months. I have had 2 devices to mysteriously stop working. I had a horrible time with their phone customer service (ABBOTT). They wanted me to give them all the readings of from the phone app for the past 3 months over the phone. I told this was ridiculous. They said some one would get back to me inwhich they never did.

I contacted customer service over FB and they wanted my full address and phone number before they would discuss anything. Eventhough they give assurances about not using selling personal information I still feel uncomfortable about giving it to them without knowing if I will have any recourse for a defective product. I have read previous reviews that they normally don’t give compensation for defective products but then they have your information. I would be out $100 for 2 devices.

For the most part, the libre2 has been accurate. but I have had 2 to break down and end early.

As a type 2, I had to fight hard to get this cgm prescribed to me. Now the libre 3 has been approved as being paraded by everything T1 on social media but will T2 be denied a this cgm also?

Continuing the discussion from Libre not accurate:

I can tell you at the very beginning they had pretty lousy customer service. But they seem to be much nicer nowadays. But it sometimes makes a difference who you talk too. In the old days I recognized the reps and one in particular was awful and I would hang up when he answered and call back so I would get someone else.

They do have a supervisor you can ask for, you will have to repeat all your information again, and they don’t seem to have any supervisors above that.

But they always have asked for your name and address. It is a prescribed medical device and they probably are required too. Besides their policy is to replace a defective product and they mail it to you. They are very good about doing so when it fails, they will want the error codes. I have never heard of them sending money. That wouldn’t make sense as they are the manufacture and that would require them paying you back what the retail pharmacy made a profit on. They usually want the “bad” device back and will supply what’s needed to send it back.

I’ve never had them ask for 3 months of readings, you might call them back and try again. But they will want your name, address etc.