Libre Replacements

I had ordered 24 libre 3 cgm sensors. 4 of those didn’t work or ended earlier than expected. I called Abbott and spoke to the worst group of customer service folks. They want to go through all my monitoring results for the past 6 months to make sure I was correct.

Got in contact with Libre again via an add on Instagram (i think) was able to resolve the issues and I have at least 2 new libre cgms… I am pleased.

Has anybody else had these issues?

No, for that is asenine.

When Libre first hit the US they were horrible about replacements and customer service. All sorts of questions and if you said the wrong thing it felt like it wouldn’t get replaced. I also remember calling and getting someone that wasn’t helpful, hanging up before I ever talked to them and calling back to get someone I knew was nicer. They were much smaller then. I don’t ever remember having to provide 6 months of information though. But they would ask misc questions. But if you didn’t use their meter and their test strips, they wouldn’t allow a replacement of one that was too off.

Fast forward and they have become very helpful, not asking a bunch of questions and replacing them easily. They are being wildly used in the UK and mostly just ask for the lot number, serial number, why and the error code(s). They do send you a return kit to send the “bad” sensors back. I never get really even questioned about anything anymore, but I do have years of history with them.

Fast forward to the last replacement a couple of weeks ago and they had a form to fill out online on their site now. I filled out the form which mostly ask for the serial number, lot number and how many days it was worn. I got an e-mail that said a sensor and a return kit were being sent. I already got them both.

The forms online for Dexcom and the Libre are much easier than calling.

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i have seen theresa may use the libre 2. there are a few pictures with it attached to her arm.