Libre 2 USA availability

Hello all. Abbott has announced Libre 2 availability in the near future promising product availability in the coming weeks. Has anyone seen these pop up in the US yet? Curious how much longer until it will be available. Good news is we wont need bluetooth transmitters anymore like the Miao Miao.
libre 2


The said the same thing a year ago - the FDA delights in causing misery by denying a product that is proven to work - only because they can. Don’t hold your breath? The FDA should be done away with - they forced abbott to do the 10 day libre with the insane 12 hour warmup only because they could. If I became head of the world the FDA would cease to exist my first day.


Roger that. I think they finally moved forward though. It is crazy how dexcom is approved so quickly and yet others have long delays.

Here are details, link in original post didn’t work for me. This may be different.

I think Abbott is also involved with COVID related testing or treatment products that may be slowing down Libre 2.

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Pretty sure it is fully approved and will be distributed soon. Note that you still have to scan. You set a target and if the BG is either above or below you will receive an alarm and then have to scan to see the actual BG number. There are also steps to take to clear out of that ‘alarm’. I found some helpful informative videos from Europe on You Tube. I went with Dex after my plan moved it to pharmacy and my CDE pointed out the need for continued scanning. it’s an improvement just not the best improvement it could have been!


In this new version supports icgm. Meaning it can send data without scanning it to loop with supported adapters pumps etc. If not, thit would be pointless for tidepool, tandem, bigfoot to integrate to this technology. I might have it wrong too. For those looping or wanting to send to a watch you can do a few hacks to send to loop or to xdrip etc. Here is a piece for AndroidAps.
I previously have been using Miao Miao and want to get a point where I dont use a transmitter. I think this is it.

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On a TCOYD call the other night they said in a few weeks. They are writing prescriptions for them. Nancy50

So it can send info if you have extra devices? the thing it wont do is show you your numbers like a Dex receiver does. It’s still better than old Libre. :slight_smile:

Except the approval specifically prohibits it from being used by automated dosing devices. I suspect this feature will have to have it’s own separate FDA filing, or maybe the technology isn’t yet suitable for that.

Since I pay cash for my Dex supplies, I was ECSTATIC to learn of a potentially cheaper option to integrate with my X2… But nope, not yet.

Yes. I guess I should say this is really a hack is what the DIY community is doing. Dex is way over priced and hoprefully libre through DIY will change this

There may still be hope, the article that @MM1 posted above suggest that this feature is coming. I have copied and posted part of the article.

Abbott is also developing a future Libre version that will provide a continuous stream of data without any sensor-scanning required. That version is what AID startup Bigfoot Biomedical has signed on to use in their future closed loop system, and likely what both Tandem and Insulet also have inked agreements to use for future iterations of their t:slim and Omnipod systems.

However, Abbott hasn’t provided any timeline for that next-gen product to hit market.

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I use the usa 14 day libre and it sends readings to my watch and pump using miao miao transmitter. The new hack should allow the same

Had to go on Medicaid for awhile and very surprised when they put Dex on pharmacy benefit. I pay zero for it so for now…but I liked the Libre when I needed it!

That is great. Generally people dont think about the cost of a dex becuase insurance covers the high cost. Libre is less than a third of the price. I hope they find a way bring the cost down. I believe this will happen once dex has some competition. Hope libre brings it to them. Even still, for those not wanting to hack away, you can get the bubble, blucon, miao etc and use with any of the libres to get another way to transmit the data. This is still a saving over the dex. Need pump integration though.

More competitionin the marketplace is always good. Now when in the world will we ever get new pumps? I love my pods, but gee there haven’t been any new pump companiesfor awhile now…

Oh, Tony, FDA’s been doin’ OK. How are you doing these days? Feel like I haven’t seen you are around much.

NOt sure when it will be available over there, but I am in Spain and have been using the LIbre 2 for the last 3 months or so, and the accuracy is soooo much better than the Libre 1. Hope you are all able to get it soon.


@pancreaswanted how much does Dexcom cost there out of pocket (nonprescription)? I’m thinking of visiting again as soon as COVID is over.

Not sure about the dexcom, but the medtronic pump I have (paid for by Seguridad Social) has a cgm that costs about 250/month in euros.

What is Libre 1 versus 2?
I use Libre 14…I never heard of 1 or 2
I live in US. PLease let me know ASAP.

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