Life is busy

Well school started back up yesterday. So far it is going good. Second day of class and I am already working on homework for week 2 in Algebra. The class comes so easy to me that I can breeze right through. In fact my instructor told me I don’t have to come to class unless I want to. The other class is Anatomy and Physiology. A lot of terms to learn but so far it isn’t bad. I have to do a paper on an organ or a body system. I am debating between pancreas or endocrine system. Seems like all my papers I have to do with school is diabetes related. Imagine that. I have been concerned about my eyes lately. I have been feeling like there is a lot of pressure behind my eyes and sometimes I see white dots out of the corners of my eyes. Hard to tell if it is stress from staring at computer or diabetes. I called and made an appointment with my eye doctor today. In April my vision was 20/20 with no damage. My A1C has been in the 5’s since April so it is hard to imagine it is diabetes related, but I know there is that chance so I am trying to get it taken care of before it gets worse if it is diabetes related. Every time something starts to go wrong my first thought is diabetes complications. It sucks living your life with that hanging over your head. I mean every time I have a headache, or just feel sick, my first thought is ok is it my sugar. I am sure everyone in here knows what I mean. Well I am off to sleep so I can get up early for another day of studying.

Hi Cody! Hope that your classes go well!

I know what you mean about everything being diabetes related. A few months ago, I had sore feet and feelings of numbness. I started a few treatments, but actually it went away when I got new shoes. So uncomfortable shoes even forced me down the diabetes complications road… crazy, but I think that we all do it to some extent!

Cody- I just stopped by to check on you. Sounds like you’ve been dealing with a lot of health issues, gracefully as always. You truly are one of those plucky people who are determined to find a bright spot in every dark day. I can definately relate to the sugar sick or sick sick phenomenon. Everytime I get a cut that won’t heal as quickly as I’d like or start to feel sick to my stoumach I get extra vigilant about my numbers. Some days it just gets weighty. Remeber all of us are here to help you carry the load.