Finals, stress, blood sugar

Well finals are upon me. Late nights, lots of stress and controlling blood sugars. Sometimes I feel like my life revolves around diabetes. It isn’t something you can just forget for a few hours. It is always there. I am in the middle of studying and then suddenly lose focus. Someone without diabetes would just think they are tired, but for diabetics, first thing that comes to mind is blood sugar. Get the meter, prick the finger, wait 5 seconds and then you will find out if you are losing focus because your blood sugar is high or low. Then decide if you need a snack, if you need fast dose of sugar, if you need extra insulin and drink a lot of water. Constant reminders everywhere you go that you are diabetic. Can’t leave the house without insulin, syringes, fast acting sugar, meter, you just have to have everything planned out. And if you are traveling then you have to make sure you have enough for extra week in case something happens while you are there. You never get to take a vacation. There is always something there to remind you that you have diabetes. If you start to feel sick, first thought is is my blood sugar ok or am I getting a cold. Life before diabetes was simple. If you started to feel sick then you knew you were coming down with something, but not anymore.
Anyway back to finals, the next few weeks are going to be very stressful for me. Next week I have a dr’s appointment on Monday, work 10-5:30 on Tues, 2 Dr’s appointments on Wed., work 10-5:30 on Thurs and then I fly out to MO for a week on Friday. Finals start Thursday of this week. I have a huge computer project, a 350 point final, in Psychology, I have multiple choice questions, essay questions, and a 500 point final, and then Algebra, the one class I am not worried about as it is a work at your own pace and I am working on the final now for that. So far I have A’s in all my classes so short of totally bombing something I should be good, but the perfectionist in me is coming out and I am not happy unless I have all A’s. The stress I put on myself makes my blood sugars even worse and I know that but I can’t seem to help it. It is just a constant fight to find balance with everything.

Hey Cody, Just passing thru and saw your blog. I can totally relate. I just have to finish up the week and im done, but the late nights and snacks def take a toll on the bs. Anyways best of luck and happy holidays.

hi cody,
good luck to your finals… i know you can do it…
about our D, well, we just have to accept it, that controlling it everyday is a part of life… you’re right… everywhere I go, all I have to think of is the D! you’re right, every thing is simplier before D, now it’s kinda complicated! by the way, my Lab test came out ok…

Result Normal Value
Creatinine 0.6 0.5 to 1.2
Cholesterol 130 140 to 200
SGPT 50 0 to 47
Triglycerides 113 30 to 150
HDL 38 30 to 85
LDL 69.4 66 to 178
VLDL 22.6 0 to 40
RATIV 3.4 0 to 4.0

Looks ok to me except for the SGPT (liver), it is above (3 points) the normal… got to ask my endo about it, but she will be available on tuesday, that’s 5 days from now…

Take care… hope Robert is ok with the stress test, can’t wait to read his blog…

Yea on the labs. Glad they turned out ok. I am curious about Robert as well. I am thinking I am going to have to make another “chat date” with him soon.

can I join your “chat date” LOL, or three is a crowd?