Like to know more about CGM

I have type 2 diabetes and is fairly under control. I know medicare will not pay for CGM. I like to try CGM for few weeks to try to tweak my diabetic regimen.
can any one suggest a cheaper way to go. I just want to know may be for short time what are my real time sugar readings are, then I can tweak my treatment.
If some one has used meter that I can buy??? I also know nothing about CGM

You may want to try the freestyle Libre. It is similar to CGMS, but only shows readings when you scan the device. Its probably lowest cost for short term use such as what you described.

You can search this forums for discussion on it, or check the website. Iā€™m not sure if Medicare covers it.

Some doctors will do a blind Libre pro, where they insert it during office visit, and I believe can bill insurance differently, so MC may cover. Then you see Dr again and they download results to review with you. If you keep detailed logs during this time, you can then compare to Libre output. Not as ideal as seeing trends real time, but could be ok in your situation.

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I purchased a Freestyle Libre CGM in March 2018. It was my first CGM. It did not work for me. Readings were very low and inaccurate versus finger sticks. Medicare paid for it. Because it was so bad, I got my endocrinologist to recommend to medicare that I purchase the Dexcon 5 CGM. Medicare paid for this as well. And medicare pays for all CGM supplies.

For me the Dexcom was more accurate. On average it is accurate to within 6%. Also it gives you readings every 5 minutes and is inserted on your abdomen. With the Libre you have to put in on your arm and swipe it like a wand motion to get a reading. But more importantly, with the Dexcom you can set alerts and that is the real reason for getting it. If my BG falls below 100 it will sound an alarm. Same for aalerting you for a BG that is too high. I do not believe the LIbre can do this. You have to watch and swipe. Advantage Dexcom. Plus it is recognized as the best sensor although that can always change as new technologies are introduced.

I have used Libre and dexcom G4 at same time, and the readings were about the same.

Original poster is Type 2, so coverage may not be same by Medicare, and they are only asking for a short term use of CGMS.

As a Type 1, the dexcom with alerts is more helpful to me, but the Libre may be better for short term use based on what @kumar2 is looking for.

Thankyou very much for your info. It is really very helpful.

Hopefully medicare will pay for.


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