Likes and dislikes of current Diabetic Management apps

I’ve created a prototype application that can predict future glucose levels and I am planning to bring this to clinical trail.

In the meantime I would still like to launch a version of the app without the glucose prediction functionality. My goal is to help my fellow diabetics as best I can.

Given this, what features do you like in other apps?, what don’t you like? What do you wish existed? Or any other opinion you have on diabetics management apps?

If you respond to this post I want to thank you very much for your time :pray:

I like when it works and I dislike it when it does not. I dislike it a lot when it does not work.


Apps want diabetics to be the same and perfect all the time, and diabetics want apps to be perfect all the time. That is a huge gap that will take some time to bridge.


It would be easier to respond if you told us more about your app.

Is it an app for your phone?
Is it supposed to work with MDI only?
Will it work with all CGMs?

The pump I´m using right now does the exact same thing as you describe so I do not see any use for an app doing the same. I do not mean to shoot down a good idea, just trying to get a better understanding of what feedback you need from us.

I think that, like CJ114 says, there is a LOT of variation between individuals. I think that there has long been a need for technology to do some customization between different individuals. We need tech consultants who can tailor solutions to individuals. Different people have different goals at different times in their lives. Cookie cutter solutions can only do so much.

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I would like an app that keeps my bg at 85 mg/dl 24×7. A +/- 5 mg/dl variance would be acceptable.

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Yes it would be an app on your phone.
No it should work with pumps too provided you are entering a carb ratio and a carb count in to your pump.
Currently the prototype works with dexcom. In time it should work with all the major cgm.
If your pump keeps you 100% in range everyday then ya this app is not needed. But from speaking with type 1 diabetics it seems that even pump users are 70-80% in range and most of time out of range is caused by giving the wrong amount of bolus at meal time.

Currently what we are thinking is that our premium tier would be customised to the individual. while the free version would be more of a general solution.

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My favorite diabetes app that I currently use is Xdrip+. It’s an open source app designed by the diabetes community with the features the community has requested over the years. It is fully customizable with a lot of integration options, treatment tracking, and has statistics and history right in the app. At it’s core, it’s a CGM data collector, but it’s grown into so much more. You might want to check that one out for ideas if you’re looking to develop something. You could also look at the requests/bug reports on it’s git hub page to see what it’s still lacking.

You could also bring your developer skills to the table and contribute to the existing open source project.

I only have one desire Xdrip isn’t meeting right now, but there’s no way you could overcome that. At least, I don’t think so. I wish my insulin pump data could be imported into it. I know this will be possible in the future, when Tandem unveils the data sharing platform they’ve been promising. As of right now, pump data is only uploaded to Tandem’s Source website and locked behind the patient’s personal username and password. There’s no follow/remote caretaker function. We even have to share our personal account password with our doctors so they can see historical data. Data also only uploads to Source every 5 hours or so, so it really is HISTORICAL data. Can you make any magic happen there?


i use xdrip, aaps, and nightscout…the nightscout has all the cgm, pump, and meal calculations, although i have no idea if your current tandem pump has the optio to upload to nightscout…might be worth investigating

I also have a nightscout website. Or at least I think I do. LOL. Haven’t actually looked at it in a long time. I built one, though…

There’s is no automatic upload option from Tandem devices. You have to physically plug your pump into a computer and run the nightscout device uploader tool. It’s just not practical, especially not for real-time data. And now that I’m on Mobi, I can’t even plug it in to the computer if I wanted. There’s nowhere to stick a plug.

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I am on MDI and wish on the days I delay insulin with a meal I would get a better alarm from Dexcom signaling the meal has started to be absorbed. I delay insulin when at mealtime my BS is 70 or less.