If someone could develop you the ideal app for your phone, PC or Mac, what would it be?

I'm a professional software developer, having recently worked on an artificial pancreas project (vidaone.com/diabetes.htm). There are plenty of apps out there to serve the diabetes community, but we need to go one step further.

I was wondering what your ideal app would be, that would make a positive impact on your life and your loved ones'? If you can have it, what would you ask for?

One thing I see missing is a single app that can connect to most BG meters to download BG reading, so that when you change meter, you still continue with the same app as to keep your history.

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If you're asking me what would be nirvana, "the sky's the limit," whatever you want app....that would be an app on my iPhone where I could take a picture of a meal and it would tell me the carb content and log it at the same time. Probably far-fetched...but it never hurts to dream. :-)

An app to be the ultimate Log book/ Carb counter /Bolus wizard would be great. The perfect app for me would let me search for foods and enter the carbs into a log then calculate a bolus from the carbs just entered and the BG read I have just downloaded from my meter. It would allow me to accept or override the bolus and then enter it all into the log book.

If you could do this for both the IPhone and Android that would be great. That's not asking to much is it? ☺

They already have it, it's called an insulin pump. ツ

Yeah I know but for now I'm on MDI as are a lot of folks. I may not stay on MDI but some are more comfortable and do just fine on it. The app I described would do for us on MDI what the pump does for pumpers.

Good point though.

I like the interface on the “Lose It” weight loss/ food and exercise tracker app a lot. It has a great database of food that you can scan in via the barcode or search their database for various foods. It includes all sorts of junk food but also stuff off the beaten path like Chia Seeds, etc. I haven’t run into too much, except a few kinds of beer, that isn’t on it. The exercise database is useful as you put in duration and time and it knows your weight and calculates pretty close to what you burn off. The food interface also calculates servings with handy “wheels” that I find easier to use and more realistically calibrated than the interface in myfitnesspal.com. I just use my pump and estimate carbs most of the time but, if I want precise carb info, want to drop 5 lbs or focus on nutrition for a couple of weeks, I go back to Lose It. If it had a “diabetes module” put into it, I would probably check it out. Not a ringing endorsement but I like flying by the seat of my pants a lot!

There was a company that tried that. You wold email them a picture of your meal and you would get a reply within minutes. It was done by having someone looking at it a guestimating it. It was notoriously inaccurate, so that didn't work... But that'd be ideal yes. Thank you!

I must admit I haven't look at the diabetes app in details, but I came across some that wold do something like that. I'll take another look to see if there's something that does exactly what you wrote. Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback. You mentioned "if it had a diabetes module"; what are the kind of feature would you like to see in a wellness app specific to diabetes? Thank you!