Lilly invests in cell encapsulation technology

Sigilon Therapeutics is a small company in Boston that, up until this point, has been relatively quiet about their work in the Type 1 diabetes treatment effort. Today, Eli Lilly and Company announced an investment partnership with Sigilon – an upfront payment of $63 million and up to $410 million more as the Sigilon’s research hits development and commercialization milestones.

Thoughts? :open_mouth:


I have so many MIXED feelings!!!

Why an insulin company? What are their motivations behind it?

Time will tell…:smirk:

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Me too, my thoughts exactly…I’ll wait, but can’t help feeling confused…super confuuuuuused

PR, maybe? After all, they recently invested millions of supposedly “needed” R&D dollars to develop an OLD insulin (Basalgar)…

[Good news is that Sanofi countered with millions of their own to develop their new old insulin Admelog… :scream:]

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I hope that means they think it’s something that could actually work, of course they’ll charge a fortune for it.