List of Fantastic Books - Type 1 Diabetes

Newly Diagnosed 15 Year Old!

What are some of the books that you have been most influenced by. WOW Books!

What books have just stayed in your Library!

Thank You!

"Using Inusling" and "Pumping Insulin"-both by John Walsh
"Think Like a Pancreas"-by Gary Scheiner
"The Complete Book of Food Counts"-by Corinne Netzer (this is like my carb counting dictionary, I can pretty much look up any food and it's nutrition facts and find it or something close enough to it to get an accurate carb count)

All these books can be purchased relatively inexpensively on Amazon. Additionally, if you have access to a good/large library system, you might be able to check them out from your library. I live in the Columbus, OH area, and have been able to check out all of them from the Columbu Public Library system.

And, I know these aren't books, but I purchased a Saltar food scale about 10 years ago, and still use it EVERY day. Also, I have a few sets of good measuring cups and spoons and between those and the food scale, I can easily measure all my food and get a pretty accurate carb count without too much extra time or hassle.


Thank you.

I will investigate!

Dr Bernstein's book series. Plus, Bernstein has a webinar at the end of every month the is very insightful. Search "Ask Dr. Bernstein". He is very radical at limiting total carbs to less than 30 grams per day. I cannot be that strict,I consume about 50 g per day. The point is, I have kept an A1c around 6 for a long time by reducing carbs to that level. I have eliminated grains and milk products. The other book selections are excellent so add them to your library.


Thank you!

I know of others that follow him closely.

Which of his books are a BEST read?

Even if you decide not to adopt his diet fully, his book still contains valuable information. Some people are able to adopt a Bernstein-Lite Diet and still get excellent results. But it's a good book and very well structured.

Diabetes Solution is the best - skip Diabetes Diet


I am hearing only good things!

Thank you!

FWIW -- I started following Bernstein pretty closely about a year ago. The results have been superb. A1c under 6 for the first time in years and lots of other good changes as well.

How long Type 1?

All the books stay in my library, b/c I hardly ever get rid of books. I liked Gary Scheiner's book the most as it was a bit more personal than Pumping Insulin, which I also liked. I also enjoyed "Your Diabetes Science Experiment" by Ginger Vieira, which has a similar scope but is a bit shorter than the two other books.

I am not a big fan of Dr. Bernstein's book for a 15 year old unless they are **REALLY** motivated to a monastic degree of dedication. I have a great deal of respect for his approach to his own experiences and improving diabetes care but, in this day and age, I don't think that it's necessary to be so strict. If you see a bunch of these threads, you will see what I think may be the majority of his adherents, like Equestrian, DNS and Howie767 saying "I eat 50G of carbs/ day, I can't be that strict" and giving up various food groups, etc. If most of your adherents aren't adhering, that seems like a flawed plan to me, however great your results might be.

I have done very well controlling my urge to eat every burrito in the taqueria but, at the same time, I have maintained very steady and stable A1Cs by being very flexible, in the manner that the other books suggest. Approach each food with a calculated ratio and, if your results end up differently thanyou expect, consider it closely and try to take something from the results that you can put back into your plan for next time.

One small correction to the above -- I don't eat 50 carbs a day. Speaking only for myself, of course.

And I have to agree, not everyone can (or perhaps even should) follow Bernstein's draconian protocol to the letter. You have to do what works for YOU, as always. Nobody knows your diabetes as well as you do. Nobody.

Most of the books being suggested might be heavy for a teen. So I'll recommend one for your kiddo. 487 Really Cool Tips for Kids with Diabetes. This is even good to read as a grown up :)
This book os about 20 years old, but I consider it a classic. And you can get it on Amazon for a penny used, plus $3.99 postage.
I do not follow the Bernstein Plan, but nonetheless learned a lot from his books and respect him a great deal.
Take what you need and leave the rest,,,,,,,

Not necessarily about how to treat ... but about history: 'The Discovery of Insulin' and 'Banting: A Biography' both by Michael Bliss, and 'The Fight to Survive: A Young Girl, Diabetes, and the Discovery of Insulin' by Caroline Cox. The last book is the story of Elizabeth Evans Hughes, and is truly inspirational.